Buying & Selling a Business – Advice and Tips

Are you thinking about buying an existing business and want to know which items you should check first? Or, are you a business owner who wants to sell your business and move on? This portal at Bright Hub’s Entrepreneurship Channel is dedicated to giving tips and advice to those considering buying or selling a business, whether you’re the current owner or prospective buyer.
Before you make the decision to purchase an existing business, make sure you’ve done your homework and have practiced due diligence. In addition, if you’re entering the venture with partners, protect yourself with a buy-sell agreement.
If you’re on the other side of the fence and looking to sell instead of buy, be prepared to pay the taxes associated with selling your business. Also, check out some of the strategies offered by our panel of experts on how to get the best price possible when making that sale.

Tips on Closing a Business Without Bankruptcy

Closing a business without bankruptcy is often the best route for a struggling business owner to bow-out gracefully without accumulating legal fees and tarnished vendor relationships. This article discusses key basic components to consider if you’re considering a dissolution.

Tips on How to Buy a Business in Bankruptcy

Purchasing the assets of a business in bankruptcy can offer considerable value at significant discounts. This article explores the different types of bankruptcy sales and how to profit from them while avoiding potential pitfalls.

Easy Tips on How to Run a Pool Business

Learning how to run a pool business opens up the door to entrepreneurship for home business owners in states where backyard pools are common. Services range from basic maintenance and cleaning to intricate chemical treatments and repairs. Learn here what you need to get started.

Tips on How to Open and Run a Bookstore

It may be your dream to own and run a bookstore. If you’re a reader and love to share your latest page-turner, learning how to run a bookstore may be ideal for you. Here, you’ll find the latest tips on how to open, run, and make your bookstore profitable.

What is the Best Way of Selling our Business?

Do you have a family business or a small business with partners and want to close it down or sell it? Many business owners ask what is the best way for selling our business? Should you do it on your own, or place the business up for sale with a business broker?

Tips for Buying a Failing Business

Interested in buying a failing business? Before you sign that buy/sell agreement do you know why the business failed or what you plan to do to make it successful? Jean Scheid offers tips on buying a failing business.