10 Famous Vision Statements From Leading Corporations

10 Famous Vision Statements From Leading Corporations
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Whether you have an existing company or in the developmental stages of starting a new business, your vision statement provides information about the future of your company. Your vision statement should be powerful and also provide your constituents with information about the direction of your company in the next three to five years.


Macy’s provides fashions to customers at more than 800 locations including Puerto Rico and Guam. According to Macy’s vision statement, they are the “premier national retailer with iconic brands that each operate a multichannel business involving outstanding stores and dynamic online sites.” The statement also mentions that both Macy’s and its sister store, Bloomingdale’s, are known for being unique in a variety of ways including through their “customer focus and brand strategy.” If your company offers several products and services, it’s a good idea to include this information in your vision statement.

American Express

Although American Express is known for offering credit card services to individuals around the world, their vision statement says that they want their company to be “the world’s most respected service brand.” Through their vision statement, American Express does not focus on being the best credit card service provider. Instead, they focus on being respected as a “service brand.”


DuPont offers products and services in a variety of areas including “agriculture, home and construction, communications, and electronics.” DuPont’s vision focuses on “creating sustainable essentials to a better, safer and healthier life for people.” A good company vision statement should include information about creating products and/or services that will improve the lives of others.

The McGraw-Hill Companies

Although McGraw-Hill is known for publishing text books for students, they also provide content in other areas including financial services and business. Standard & Poor’s, Platts and J.D. Power & Associates are a part of McGraw-Hill. McGraw-Hill’s vision includes “economic growth and job creation” and “creating a smarter, better world.” They focus on how their products and services can help indivdiuals and the world.


Harley-Davidson is known for selling motorcylces to suit the needs of people from different walks of life. Harley-Davidson’s vision statement says that they provide “extraordinary motorcycles and customer experiences.” Besides selling motorcycles, Harley-Davidson wants their customers to be happy and enjoy shopping in their stores.


Allstate provides a variety of insurance for their customers. Allstate’s vision says “to reinvent protection and retirement for the consumer.” Although their vision statement is only eight words, they focus on how their services will continue to help their customers.

Hilton Worldwide

Hilton Worldwide is a global hotel company for business and family travelers. They want “to fill the earth with the light and warmth of hospitality.” Hilton Worldwide places emphasis on providing a positive experience for customers visiting their hotels.


Reebok is known for making athletic porducts for men, women and children. Through their vision statement, Reebook also wants to provide inspiration to all of their customers by saying that “we all have the potential to do great things” and “to help consumers, athletes and artists, partners and employees fulfill their true potential and reach heights they may have thought un-reachable.” A good vision statement should try to make an impact or want to inspire others.


CVS, the retail pharmacy, offers all types of products including grocery, electronics and cleaning items. Their vision statement is short but to the point–“to improve the quality of human life.” A powerful vision statement can be short as long as it reflects back to your products and services.

Cooper Tire and Rubber Company

Cooper Tire and Rubber Company is known for making tires including cars, trucks and motorcycles. Their vision statement says “creating superior value, for our customers, employees, partners and shareholders.” Cooper Tire and Rubber Company wants to be known for “superior value” instead of only for its products.

Through these famous vision statements, we learn that inspiring customers, offering quality products and services and trying to improve the lives of others are important to these leading companies. As you develop a vision statement for your company, think about how you want others to see your business progress in the future.

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