Starting A Home Healthcare Business

Starting A Home Healthcare Business
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Marketing A Home Healthcare Business

Starting a home healthcare business is requires the owner to meet state and federal guidelines for providing healthcare services to clients. In most states, services must employ licensed nurses and have a physician available for consultation. Each state varies in its requirements. The first order of business must be study, compliance and staffing. Since healthcare is a highly regulated business, the owner should expect criticism and review. Licensing, insurance, bonding and review should be terms that the organization is prepared to deal with.

The next issues will be marketing and building the client base. Clients can be gained through referrals and direct advertising. Referrals will be the best way to gain new patients, and building business relationships with clinics and nursing homes is a sure bet when other services have all the patients they can service. Providing nurses to look after clients at home is a big deal. Having a price that makes sense and is affordable is essential. Elderly parents and people requiring round-the-clock nursing care require a person to look after them. Home healthcare is a booming business with massive growth potential as the baby boomers age and get sicker. The field has an almost unlimited potential in the next 20 years. So the future of the field is extremely bright.

What do you do next?

Listed are several quick courses of action:

Generate Required Business Data

  • Get the population growth data of city stratified by demographics.
  • Cities with lot of industrial establishments also can be profitable.
  • Collect the number of health care services already in operation the selected city. Lesser number of such services indicates the need for starting more such services.
  • Get data on the qualified (unemployed and employed) health care personnel already residing in the selected location. This data is essential to employ your work force competitively.
  • Generate data on the visit rates of patients in different hospitals in the locality, which would help in deciding the importance of health care requirements and targeting the needy.
  • Generate a database with the above information

Prepare Project Report

After generating the data base as discussed above prepare a project report which should include the following information:

  1. Proposal to start a Home healthcare Service in a selected city/ locality
  2. Mode of operation
  3. Propose location of the headquarter
  4. Proposed number of doctors to be employed
  5. Proposed number of nurses to be employed
  6. Other helpers to be employed
  7. Number of mobile ambulances with emergency hospital facilities required.
  8. Details of treatments proposed at the home of a patient
  9. Details of hospitals proposed to be approached for supporting the Home health care services
  10. Proposed financial information such as initial project cost, source of finance, expected income by way of registration of patients opting home health care services, etc.

With this information and the above due considerations, you can move into a finance phase for your project and get started hiring and purchasing equipment. These actions will wrap up at your successful launch.


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