Where to Find Legitimate Turnkey Internet Business: Is Global Domains International One?

Where to Find Legitimate Turnkey Internet Business: Is Global Domains International One?
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Global Domains International

The first legitimate turnkey internet business is Global Domains International.

This company was founded by Michael Starr and Alan Ezeir after discovering that the .WS domain extension could be efficiently marketed as ‘WebSite.’

The two met with Samoa government officials who owned the extension, and managed to strike a deal.

Samoa gets a certain percent of every single domain sold, and the company has experienced rapid growth.

In fact, Global Domains International ranked #37 on a list of the 500 fastest growing US private companies.

In terms of the business opportunity, Global Domains specializes in selling domains with the .WS, for WebSite, extension across the world.

Each domain sold costs $10 a month, and includes hosting, email addresses, website builder, and other features.

The key advantage GDI has is the exclusive right to sell the .WS

GDI Allows You To Run An Internet Business Anywhere

extension worldwide.

For those interested, they are given their own personalized websites where they can direct potential customers and business partners.

The cost to run the business is a minimal ten dollars a month, and you will have all features of the product available to advertise.

While GDI has a good product that is in demand, tools to promote, and support; it can take awhile before earning large amounts of money.

With a $10 product, the commission you receive is minimal; however, as you continue to gather more customers, the amount will grow steadily.

Avon Inc.

Avon Specializes In Providing Makeup & Hygiene Products

When one first hears the name “Avon,” they often imagine a woman ringing the doorbell and selling door-to-door.

With the progression of the Internet though, Avon has quickly become a strong turnkey internet business that many can participate in.

In terms of the company, Avon is a leading seller of beauty products with a global turnover of more than $10 billion. It was founded in 1886 by David McConnell in New York City.

He named the company The California Perfume Company, and it quickly grew to the point that he had to get assistance from Mrs. Albee.

She was primarily responsible for establishing the traditional sales method. The company continued to grow, and in 1939, David chose the name “Avon” to replace the traditional name. The company expanded across seas, and it is now marketed in over 100 countries.

In terms of the business aspect, an individual can signup for less than $20 and sell all of their products online.

Interavon is a service that the company provides its representatives, and customers can use to shop and browse catalogues online.

Additionally, all representatives can develop their own website or blog so long as the company name is not in the domain. This allows representatives to gain exposure far wider than their city or area.

All a representative has to do is ship the products ordered to the address. The main turnkey element of Avon is their Interavon service, so ensure you take advantage of it. As long as you do, Avon is indeed a legitimate turnkey internet business to consider starting.

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Social GO

One of the most successful internet businesses are social network websites for entrepreneurs.

Imagine if you had created Facebook, which is expected to earn an annual revenue of $2 billion in 2010.

Social GO is a new platform that allows anyone in the world to create and maintain a high-quality social networking website.

While there is some setup required, all features are provided and it can be completed within a day; making it a very lucrative turnkey internet business.

Many Social Networking Sites Have Become Wealthy

This company was founded by Alex Halliday, Steve Hardman, and Dominic Wheatley in 2007, but it did not launch until 2009.

Regardless, it has proven to be quite successful. It is part of Bright Things PLC, and based in Shoreditch, London and Silicon Valley.

Many individuals have been surprised with the ease of use and flexibility this service offers, and how fast they can get their social networking business up and running.

In terms of turnkey essentials, Social GO provides the user with all tools and resources needed.

It provides you with a basic layout, template, and permissions; and allows you to customize these to your preferences. You can then add advertising space and earn money off of advertisements.

With the popularity of social networking, this is legitimate turnkey internet business that can definitely grow quickly. Costs range from $19.99 to $149.00 a month, depending on what requirements you need.


Thought SBI! Provides A Some Planning, It Has Turnkey Potential

The next legitimate turnkey internet business is Site Build It, more commonly known as SBI!. This is a Canadian company that has become an international premium provider for web sites.

It contains over seventy different technologies and features that helps you build, market, and expand a web site. SBI! takes pride in their service, and emphasizes that their service not only provides the tools to build a web site, but a web business.

Money Can Be Made Through Ads, Affiliate Programs, and More

It has been profitable since 1997, and has more than 40,000 customers throughout the world.

In terms of turnkey potential, SBI! falls slightly behind the others, but is still quite turnkey.

It does take some preliminary action through research; however, once you have decided on the type of business you want to create, SBI! will give you the template, tools, and blueprint to succeed.

Money can be earned through various income streams. A few of the more noteworthy that SBI! provides to you includes advertising, affiliate marketing, e-goods, hard goods, and more; with all steps clearly identified and laid out to assist you.

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The final, and most recommended turnkey internet business, is TriVita.

This company was founded in 1999 by Michael Ellison.

It is a privately owned and operated company, and has been quite profitable; with zero debt and high sales.

It is focused on providing high-quality nutritional products to people across North America. For instance, their product Subliminal B12 has been greatly successful, with more than eleven million boxes sold.

Sonoran Desert, Where TriVita’s Nopalea Originated From

Although they have made a name for themselves, it is minor compared to the massive amount of competition throughout the nutritional industry. The most beneficial aspect about this option is that it is entirely turnkey.

Upon signing up, you are provided with websites that sell the products. These are designed by experts, and each one looks amazing.

You can use banner advertisements online, pay-per-click advertising, and other online marketing means to direct potential customers to these websites.

Main Ingredient of Nopalea, TriVita’s Flagship Product

Perhaps the greatest element of TriVita is the fact that it uses a unique, Cooperative Marketing business model; making it a completely turnkey business.

This business model allows you to purchase rights to customers, meaning you could signup, buy one hundred customers each month, and have a thriving business.

The rights to these customers are yours forever, and you earn a commission off of them each and every time they order for the rest of your life.

One last aspect is that you can build your own sales team, acquiring additional customers and income.

TriVita is indeed a phenomenal turnkey internet business that can be quite lucrative.

Although you can also take to the streets and acquire new customers that way, it can all be run through the Internet.

The cost of this business is currently free to join, but it will require a monthly fee of anywhere from $35.00 to $50.00; more if you opt to purchase the rights to customers.

Finding Legitimate Turnkey Internet Businesses

These are just some of the many turnkey internet businesses out there for you to weigh the pros and cons. Although many of the work is already done for you, be prepared to spend time on some initial tasks and marketing the business.

It may take some time before you earn a substantial amount of money; however, the costs needed to run these businesses are minimal compared to the hundred thousand dollar franchises that are restricted to local retail sales.

Take the time to research each legitimate turnkey internet business further and only select the turnkey business when you know that it will fit your personality and work ethic.

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