Ten Funny Inventions that Racked in the Cash and Made Millions

Ten Funny Inventions that Racked in the Cash and Made Millions
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They Made Millions!

Two of my heroes are Thomas Edison and Benjamin Franklin. They were true entrepreneurs who had the foresight to plan for a world in the future. Both men had numerous inventions. Some were successful and some were not. I am certain that people in the nineteenth century thought that both of great men were crazy. It does take a pinch of craziness to be an inventor. You have to think outside of the box. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose but when you win, you could win big and reap the benefits for a long time. Here are ten funny inventions that raked in the cash. I am envious.

  1. The Pet Rock- Can you believe that somebody put eyes on a rock and then gave it a home?

  2. The Snuggie- Okay so it’s your blanket all wrapped up so that you look like the insides of a meat wrap at Jack in the Box. They come in all colors and sizes and someone made millions on this blanket. Why?

  3. Shamwow- That is a perfect name for a scam-Sham. Wow, be tricked the public in buying a piece of material that soaks up liquids. Don’t all materials soak up liquids? Consumer Reports says that its soaking properties up our money and not much else.

  4. Sea Monkeys- What bad thing can you say about these wonderful little pieces of dirt like objects that you stick in water and come alive. You were creating life from nothing. Mary Shelley would love this idea.

  5. Mood Rings- What a way to screw up an evening. All you had to do was stick on this ring and it was like a bad fortune cookie. Your night was ruined and your date went home. Yeah, great invention! It should have been called Mood Swings.


  6. Gigapets or Tomagachi- That was the worst idea of them all. You went to school where it was banned. Your mom had to babysit, feed it, and walk it while you were at school.

  7. Happy Face- Yes, how could we forget that smile that sold millions. Did we really think that this shirt could put us in a good mood? Forrest Gump did.

  8. Pokemon Cards- There are kids out there somewhere who have thousands of cards still stashed in their drawers. I bet you can still name them.

  9. Beanie Babies- The world is filled with stuffed animals. So why did we idolize these little animals who had to have the perfect Ty tag. Your mom would buy them and not let you touch them-what a perfect gift for our children!

90px-Chia pet

10. Chia Pet- This is my personal favorite. I have always wanted the Scooby Doo version. What a great concept.

With all of these funny innovative inventions and fads it is obvious that good promotion can just about sell us anything. Is it your turn next?


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