Can Customer Service Be Too Good and Backfire as a Business Strategy?

Can Customer Service Be Too Good and Backfire as a Business Strategy?
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Customer Service

Customer service has been a term engrained to the culture of businesses all around the world since time immemorial. Identifying what a good customer service should be is not a very unmanageable task. Customer service is dependent on the quality of the activities that are designed to enhance the satisfaction of customers. It is a provision that exists before, during and after a customer has purchased an article.

The degree of customer service varies and is different from individual to individual. It depends entirely on personal taste. A lot of companies around the world have launched forums as well as discussion boards as instruments of feedback to keep a track of how good their product or service is. Despite the efficiency of customer service and satisfaction the bottom line is: Is the customer always right? Can customer service be too good?

Customers and Customer Service

For every business to survive there should be a relative amount of attention from the population. This is significant of the popularity of the company or business and its source for revenue generation. Everything boils down to the fact that the customer is always right as far as his need and requirements are concerned. As far as the knowledge of the customer about a particular product is concerned, the company must have a body of employees who can provide answers to all the queries of the customer, thereby, leaving no questions unanswered. The employee must be able to leave a mark on the customer so much that the customer will be willing to recommend the company to family and friends. To consider the question again, the employee must believe that the customer is always right.

The company must have the goal to establish communication with the customer in a way that the customer is lured into the company’s catalogue of customers. There is a definitive way in which balance can be struck between great customer service and an increasing scope for profit. The first step towards such balance is recruiting the right kind of customers and treating them well followed by trusting the customer. The service at a company should be such that the customer does not have to continuously contact for answers to his or her query. The employers must be abrupt in replying and solving problems of the customers. The most important way to lure customer satisfaction with an increased rate of profit is by suggesting to the customers about things he or she must expect from a particular product or service. This helps to increase customer satisfaction.

Companies around the world must open themselves to identify complaints as opportunities for positive change and not as arguments to turn defensive. Companies must not overlook the fact that customer service executives or personnel are front line troops in the battle to bring home the bacon of customer loyalty and satisfaction. Therefore, they need to be exposed to the best of training as far as treating a customer is concerned. The whole concept of customer satisfaction boils down to the fact that every customer needs to be treated differently because not all customers are the same.


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