The Truth About Law Suit Statistics on Copyright Infringement

The Truth About Law Suit Statistics on Copyright Infringement
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An Artist’s Biggest Pet Peeve

Millions of people commit a very common crime every year. Many people are aware that they are breaking the law while others have no idea the toll their consequences could have on their life. To better educate yourself and make sure you do not end up one of the lawsuit statistics of copyright infringement you need to know the facts.

Downloading free music or movies on the Internet seems like no big deal. Many people pirate an artist work on a daily basis. So, why should you concern yourself with something you would think no one ever gets caught stealing?

Believe it or not you can be caught pirating merchandise on your computer. Sources say that an Internet provider can find if you have infringed on a copyrighted product. If an Internet provider finds out that you have stolen merchandise on your computer your account can immediately be deactivated. If you are putting another person’s work on your website, and are caught, your Internet provider can take your website down. The victim of copyright infringement can sue you for loss of money and infringement on their product.

Resources say that at least 80 percent of Americans admit to downloading illegal merchandise on the Internet without paying for it. Thirty percent of software on a computer is pirated in the United States. Every year the numbers of materials that are stolen is on the rise. Experts say the reason that so much merchandise is stolen each year is because we have a weak education on the consequences you receive for stealing material.

It is illegal to save, download, forward, claim as your own, or email any product that is protected under copyright infringement. To be able to use the product of anything claimed under copyright laws you need to have permission of the author to use their product.

Not one age group is completely responsible for stealing copyrighted information. Statistics state that teenagers are more likely to steal music. While teenagers are more likely to steal music, college age students are more likely to steal music and information from the Internet, and adults are more likely to steal information for business purposes.

So, this brings me to my question. When do we as a society turn into a group of people that steal hard work from artist? Is it not better to pay for your materials then to steal money from a person that works as hard as an average Joe on the street? Stick with your own materials for term papers and buy a ticket to a movie or even buy that hot new CD that has been recently released. If you choose to steal someone’s work you may not be caught right away, but eventually you will end up one of the lawsuit statistics on copyright infringement.


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