A Look at Business Plan Software Applications

A Look at  Business Plan Software Applications
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A Quick Look at the Top 3 Business Plan Software

A business plan is an integral part of starting a business. The business plan is the roadmap for the business. Without a plan, a business owner is hard pressed to keep track of how the business is doing. Furthermore, if a business wants to pursue outside financing, a business plan is a requirement. Business plans serve two purposes. First, the plan explains the type of business being started, the members of the business, the competition, marketing ideas for making the business stand out, and financials for the business ranging from month-to-month up to a 5-7 year plan. Below are three of the most popular business plan software startup applications.

Business Plan Pro

Business Plan Pro, created by Palo Alto Software is a complete business plan writing package. Financials, budgeting, and all the required business plan sections are included in over 500 sample business plans. There are also over 9,000 industry profiles, two business planning ebooks: The Plan-As-You-Go Business Plan and Hurdle: The Book On Business Planning by Time Berry and extras such as discounted incorporation services, a one-year subscription to Inc. Magazine, and much more. The Standard Version which includes everything a small business needs to complete a business plan, costs $99.95 and the Premiere version, which includes a suite of extended business planning tools and the ability to import from Excel is $199.99. Vist their website at: Business Plan Pro

Jian Business Plan Builder

Jian Business Plan Builder

Jian Business Plan Builder is a full suite of tools for writing effective business plans. The software includes fill-in-the-blank templates and hundreds of industries to choose from. What makes Jian Business Plan Builder different from other business plan software startup applications is that where any business plan software will help you write the plan, only Jian goes into extensive detail explaining what each section means in general to your business and explains what each entry of the financials really mean. This is invaluable information when investors want a detailed explanation on how you plan to spend their investment dollars. The software sells for $129.99 and can be purchased as a download or can be ordered in a CD format. It is available for both Windows PC and Macintosh. Visit their website at: Jian Business Plan Builder

Ultimate Business Planner

Ultimate Business Planner by Atlas Business Solutions, Inc. touts itself as the quickest business plan software application for startups on the market. With over 1,000 sample business plans and 50-plus complete business plans, this software quickly allows the user to customize a plan to suit their needs. In only minutes you can create profit & loss statements, cash plans, expenses by category, sales projections, ratio analysis, sales by category, expense budgets, balance sheets, and a break even analysis.The software works with MS Word, MS Excel, Adobe PDF and Quickbooks. The software sells for $99. Visit their website at: Ultimate Business Planner

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