Employee Productivity and Job Satisfaction

Employee Productivity and Job Satisfaction
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Counter-Intuitive Management

The psychology behind employee productivity and job satisfaction lies in the counter-intuitive zone of the administrative mind. While it is obvious that rules and strictness will produce results, the opposite often happens.

It is a peculiarity of the human nature to urge for rebellion. Give a man a rule and there will be an urge to break it. Set him free and give him a choice, and he will follow you. This is the principle of the correlation between employee productivity and job satisfaction.

More blessed to give….

Shaking Hands

So give. Do not make excuses, and do not hold back.

In the beginning, it will be a shock. Most employees will feel a level of discomfort with the new approach. The vast majority will not take advantage of the new freedom, and some will be certain it is a test or that strings are attached to the unwelcome change. However, with time it will become normal.

The change will come when appreciation is formed in the shape of gratitude. When gratitude becomes an action, it will take the shape of increased productivity. When increased productivity becomes a competition, real teamwork will be born. When teamwork comes to life, productivity will multiply. All of this because you gave….

Five Reasons Why Job Satisfaction Produces Results

1. Everyone wants to keep what is valuable.

2. Everyone wants to destroy what hurts them.

3. Creativity blossoms in peaceful minds.

4. When work is fun, no one wants to quit it.

5. Happiness brings out the best out of people.

How to Implement the New Model

The old suggestion box will not work. Chances are, people have already lost their faith in such cliché of office politics. Instead, hire a contractor who will interview your employees. It is very important that each and every employee is interviewed truly anonymously in order to acquire the most effective answers. Never betray the trust of your staff – keep it anonymous.

The cause for such interview will not be to get suggestions, but to get complaints. You will get an enormous list of complaints, which have the potential to make you miss the real picture about what you are reading.

Complaints are not an attack from your staff towards your company. It is rather, a vent from where all that is costing you money comes out. It is necessary to see these complaints for what they are, your enemies. It is not your employees that are unworthy of the opportunity to work for you or your company - it is the environment in which they are forced to work.

Change such environment and turn it into one where the complaints will become praises. It gets worse before it gets better. Taking in consideration the costs of a transition of such magnitude, it can be a sizeable investment.

Simply contemplate that if you are doing this now, you were doing it wrong from the beginning. It is only a matter of choice whether to stay in the wrong path, or to escalate into the path of excellence and profit … the one where employee productivity and job satisfaction go hand-in-hand.