Motivational Quotes for the Entrepreneur - Keep Yourself Inspired

Motivational Quotes for the Entrepreneur - Keep Yourself Inspired
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Motivational Quotes for Entrepreneurs

“Be a first rate you instead of a second rate somebody else.” ~ Judy Garland.

In the business world you will often encounter people telling you that you need to do things a certain way. Whether it’s marketing, setting up a web site, or communicating with clients and customers, there are people who believe that there is only one way to success and that if you do not follow that model you are doomed to fail. As it turns out, many entrepreneurs are now finding that the key to success is to do things in a way that works for them and that fits with their specific business goals, values, and niche. So if someone tells you you have to do something, or have to do it a certain way, stop and think about it. In some cases their advice may be appropriate, but in other cases you may realize that their mindset simply differs from yours and does not represent what you are trying to accomplish and how you want to run your business.

“You’re on the road to success when you realize that failure is only a detour.” ~ Anonymous

Successful people realize that failure is an important part of the learning process.” ~ Jack Canfield

A common theme among business experts and coaches is that successful entrepreneurs are not afraid of failing. You may find that fear of not succeeding keeps you from starting a business or taking your business in a new direction. Perhaps you are concerned about the financial implications, or worry about the judgment of others should you not achieve your stated goal. When you realize that you are in that situation, take some time to think back on experiences in your past that you or others would categorize as failures. How did they help you accomplish more later? How did they lead you to where you are now? As you begin to appreciate the positive side of failure, you will find that you fear failure less, or even that you no longer consider certain possible outcomes as failures.

“You cannot learn other people’s lessons for them. They must do it themselves and they will do it when they are ready.” ~ Louise Hay

As you work with clients, customers, and business partners, you will no doubt encounter people who seem unwilling to take your advice and follow your expertise. While it may be frustrating to make no headway in trying to help another, and you may regret losing the opportunity for their business, realize that not everyone will be ready for the products or services you offer. You will fare better if you approach business with the mindset that you are here to let people know what you offer and how it can help them, and they need to determine if what you offer is a fit for them. Their decision then says more about them and what they are ready for than about the value of what you offer.

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More Motivational Quotes for Entrepreneurs

“Wisdom is knowing what to do next, skill is knowing how to do it, and virtue is doing it.” ~ David Starr Jordan

Successful entrepreneurship requires a combination of generating ideas, knowing how to bring them to fruition, and then following through with the plan. Not everyone is talented in all these areas, so become familiar with your strengths and the areas in which you are not as strong. Seek partnerships with others who can fill in the gaps so you can complement each other and build a strong business together. You may want to outsource part of your business process, hire a virtual assistant, or create a formal business partnership with someone who has the skills you lack.

“How do you become more productive? Start less and finish more.” ~ Robert Plank

One challenge for many entrepreneurs is that they constantly come up with new ideas for projects, product features, and even web design tweaks. To maximize your success, clarify your core business offerings, goals and values, and use these to establish priorities. Whenever you find yourself contemplating a new “shiny object” first assess whether it is really a fit for your business that will take you in your desired direction, or whether it represents a distraction that you might favor because it seems preferable to something you should be doing but are avoiding. If you start too many projects, you run the risk that you might not complete any. If you carefully select your projects you are in a better position to make the vision a reality.

“We don’t want to make it first, we want to make it last.” ~ Mike Rayburn, “Country Cool”

As an entrepreneur you no doubt feel some pressure to work quickly so you can complete more projects, take on more clients, or hit the market first. Remember though that there is a balance between doing something quickly and doing it in a way that is sustainable. Don’t give in to the pressure to produce quickly at the cost of creating the right product or service or the support processes to administer it. Your potential clients and customers will generally appreciate the extra time and effort you put into getting it right the first time.