4 Facebook Apps for Marketing Your Small Business Facebook Fan Page

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Customizing your Facebook Page with Applications

In this 3-part series on marketing your small business through Facebook, we’ve already discussed how to create the most effective page and offered social media marketing tips for attracting fans. Now, part 3 offers four suggestions for Facebook applications that can help you customize your page and add more valuable information for fans.

Facebook applications are features that can be incorporated into pages or profiles to add additional content or features, and there are many available that are very useful in business pages. You can search by subject for applications on your Facebook page if you’re looking for a specific feature, but these four are a good start for making your business page more effective.

Static FBML. This application allows you to create tabs on your page containing custom HTML content. The application does require HTML web programming to customize, but it is well worth a call to your web developer. One of the great uses of Static FBML is for creating a custom welcome page. When a non-fan visits your Facebook page, you can adjust your standard settings so they either see your wall or your info tab. With Static FBML, you can create and designate a custom Welcome page visible to non-fans that can offer them more about your company and how you use your page. You can actually create any custom pages that would be helpful, from staff directories to specials.

Networked Blogs. This application allows you to create a listing for your company blog and link it to your page so that blog posts are automatically posted on your Facebook page as well. When you list your blog, you can include a brief description and invite Facebook friends to “follow” it. Facebook currently requires 5 followers before it allows you to link your blog posts automatically to your fan page.

Slideshare. This application offers an excellent way to add presentations to your Facebook page. With Slideshare, you can add any pdf or PowerPoint file to your page that can be viewed as a presentation. This is a great option for how-tos, product manuals, or other valuable customized content.

Twitter by Involver. In addition to Facebook, one of the most popular social media networks is Twitter. If you business maintains a Twiter account, this application allows you to link it to your Facebook profile in a tab. Twitter posts are added to your Facebook tab automatically.

Each of these Facebook applications can give you the ability to customize your Facebook page to fit your specific needs and link it to other online marketing outlets. Use them to make marketing your business through Facebook more effective.

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