How to Create an Effective Small Business Facebook Page - Social Networking Tips for Small Business Owners

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Marketing Your Small Business on Facebook

Social networking websites are growing in popularity as an option for marketing your small business. Social media offers an opportunity to engage customers in ways that traditional media doesn’t provide. Facebook is one of the most popular online social networks and can be a great avenue for small businesses to connect with existing customers and extend their reach to new markets as well. Facebook business pages provide an excellent way to communicate with “fans” on a regular basis, post news and share links.

This 3-part article series offers some social media marketing tips for how to best use Facebook to market your small business. Part one offers guidelines to consider when creating an effective small business Facebook page, including a few “dos and don’ts.” Let’s get started.

The Guidelines

The Rules – Facebook differentiates between “profiles” and “pages” in its system, and “profiles” are reserved strictly for personal use. Don’t jeopardize your social media presence right off the bat by violating the Facebook terms of service. Facebook has extended the “page” option to businesses and organizations at no charge. By violating its terms, you run the risk of your business profile being deleted. Be wise and market within the structure Facebook as approved.

Your “Profile Pic” – The image you choose for your fan page’s profile picture is the first visual image users will have of your business. Including your logo or some element of it in your picture is a good way to increase visibility for your brand and provide added recognition to existing customers. However, social media users often respond more favorably to pictures of people than they do to logos. A people photo puts the focus on relationships rather than on strict marketing. Just make sure the photo you choose provides a professional image for your company. Stay away from photos of a more personal nature, like shots of children and pets unless they have some specific relevance to your offerings. The best option for your profile pic is some combination of photo and logo so that fans can identify with the person updating the profile, but also be aware of the brand. Try adding your logo to the corner or border of your photo image in a photo editing program.

Your Info Tab and Description Box. The Description Box located under the profile picture on the Facebook fan page and the Info tab offer you the opportunity to tell potential fans about your business, products and services. Don’t miss out! Keep your description succinct and to the point, and use it to give fans a feel for your company and what you will offer in your Facebook posts. In your Info tab, be sure to include your website address and the addresses for your other online communication tools like blogs or social media profiles. In addition, include a more detailed description of your services. Make your verbiage personable since individual users (rather than other business) are your primary Facebook audience. In addition, identify the person primarily updating your Facebook posts and let visitors know their role in your business. This will foster greater relationship-building.

Follow these social media marketing tips to make your business Facebook page more effective. Now, visit Part 2 of this series for ideas on how to build your Facebook fan base.

This post is part of the series: Marketing Your Small Business on Facebook

This 3-part series on marketing your small business on Facebook includes social media marketing tips for how to create an effective Facebook page, how to build your fan base and suggestions for Facebook applications that can increase your page’s marketing effectiveness.

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