Tips for Working Effectively with an Advertising Agency

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Four Tips to Working Successfully with Your Advertising Agency

Parts one and two of this article series offered guidelines for knowing when you need an advertising agency for marketing your small business and for choosing the right one for your unique promotional needs. Once you’ve chosen the best agency for your small business, how do you maximize that relationship? How do you work effectively with your agency team to ensure your marketing program is the best it can be? Consider these four tips for a successful agency-client relationship.

Set clear goals.

Outline what success “looks like” at every stage as your agency develops your marketing solutions. Without clear goals, it is impossible to judge the effectiveness of ads, designs, slogans, or any part of your campaign. Be sure your agency is aware of what you hope to accomplish with your program and define a specific measurement of success, whether in terms of new customers, call-backs or strict sales.

Cover the budget bases.

Nothing endangers a positive vendor relationship like squabbles over money. Work with your advertising agency to set a specific budget for each part of your advertising campaign as well as an overall budget for marketing your small business. In addition, review individual estimates for specific design and printing projects, agency advertising commissions and administrative costs.

Establish specific timelines.

Be sure you and your team are aware of the proposed calendar of launch for your advertising program as well as intermediate dates for development leading up to launch. Respond quickly when your agency needs information from you to execute elements of your campaign, and follow up quickly with proofing and requested corrections.

Stay in touch.

Communication is key in maintaining any business relationship, and working with your advertising agency is no different. Make it a priority to follow up with agency staff as campaign intermediate and launch dates approach. Communicate your expectations and respond with critiques at each stage. As with all business communications, keep your comments constructive and always respond promptly to emails and phone messages.

This post is part of the series: Working with Advertising Agencies: Small Business Tips

Choosing to work with an advertising agency is a big step for business start-ups, but agencies can offer much-needed promotional expertise for marketing your small business. This series offers guidelines for knowing when, choosing the right one and working effectively with an advertising agency.

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