Holiday Promotion Ideas for Small Businesses

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Business Promotion during Holidays – A Quick Overview

Everyone loves gifts. Though there are no hard rules as to when and what to gift to people around you, the holiday season serves as the best occasion to reach out to people whom you wish to contact – of course, among the ones you love and need. This includes both personal and business contacts. If you wish to expand your business and spread its reach, plan for the holiday season.

If you think that the holiday season is only November till January, look at the calendar. Are you missing out on the Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, and others? Do not let anything slip out of your mind. The simple way is to create a rough plan for the following year at the end of current year.

Coming to the plan, you might wonder what do you need to plan for giving away gifts and why gifts in the first place? As said earlier, everyone likes gifts and compliments. Come a special day, and your inbox is flooded with several online cards. Most networking sites send you birthday reminders so that you can wish contacts well on that special day. The point is – if you strike at the right time, you will be remembered for long.

It is not hard to plan what kind of gifts to present and to whom, considering the range of stores and even online websites that specially cater to these needs. The only thing you need to check out is how much can you afford. The target can be general or special, depending on the type of holiday or occasion.

Business promotion is a presumed complex process. Right acts at the right time make it a success without much work.

Gift Ideas for Holidays – Promoting your Business in Holiday Season

Always keep in mind that on special occasions, you target a focused customer/client/employee base. While I won’t recommend you sending a Valentine’s Day gift to your client’s girlfriend, a gift to your prospect’s mom on Mother’s Day will certainly make the prospect look at you when he needs similar service in future. Kind of indirectly asking your prospects to reach you, I have used this technique and it works. Though the prospect may know your intention, she/he will still like your approach of making their near and dears happy on a special occasion.

Coming to more special occasions, the festive season from Halloween to New Year, check out which holiday benefits your business most**.** If you are not sure, I would recommend New Year’s Day or Christmas. The following part discusses this.

Buy items that are stable and can be retained for long. If you send in a box of chocolates, your client will empty it and throw the box into the dustbin**.** Choose something durable. The most common items are key-chains and pens. There are many websites that take in bulk orders and do not even charge for printing your company name and logo on it.

However, smaller items do not show off your company name clearly. They serve best as a keepsake or incentive for your staff. I would prefer something that shows my company logo from at least ten feet. Some examples are executive file folders, umbrellas, and backpacks or briefcases (depending on your budget: you can always negotiate with online stores).

Choosing such items help you minimum two-fold: the person receiving the gift will appreciate it and keep it with him/her. When the person goes out, she/he carries the gift along with. Imagine your company logo with contact information, traveling to the other end of the city as the person travels.

Another benefit I see from durable and appealing products is that they are not thrown out once they degrade. If your client/prospect/employee feels that the product has lost its luster, she/he will give it away to her/his family – continuing your once-invested advertising campaign, for years to come.

Consider just three points to begin: occasions and holidays, type of gifts, and your budget. You can always get an online gift shop that will give you discounts to help you promote your business in the holiday season.