Becoming an Infopreneur; Small Business Start Up

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One need not be unduly worried not finding the word ‘Infopreneur’ in any standard dictionary. If you wondering, “What is an infopreneur?” Know that this is a new word coined by conjoining the two known words ‘information’ and ‘entrepreneur’. The word ‘Infopreneur’ should therefore mean an entrepreneur trading in information products – or rather more precisely, electronic information products. The information products may include:

  • Writing articles
  • Writing and selling e-books
  • Creation of website to dessiminate specialized information – depending on ads for revenue.
  • Organize seminars or more appropriately called webinars
  • Offer e-courses or online tutorials

What is an Infopreneur?

Regardless if you consider yourself an entrepreneur,or an infroprener, marketing will be done in much the same way.

There are many options – the product can be presented as an e-book, a newsletter, website, printed text book, webinars, virtual lassroom, power point presentation, audio/video format or as tutorial site.

In a nutshell, to become a successful Infopreneur; create an information product in keeping with market demands, package it suitably and launch it into the market.

An Infopreneur is a person who packages and markets information he has personally created and designed to meet market needs. There are others who earn commissions by marketing information not authored by them. These people cannot be called infopreneurs. They can at best be describes as, Information Traffickers.

There is no denying that an infopreneur has immense job satisfaction as the entire business revolves around sharing one’s expertise. A person who is well-informed but less talented can still become an infopreneur by outsourcing the work to ghost writers and skilled programmers.

Unlike an entrepreneur, small business start up for an infopreneur requires very low capital, incurs minimum risks and enjoy huge profits disproportionate to the initial investment. Of course, the fact remains that to succeed as an Infopreneur, one must be an intellectual with an ability to think out of the box.

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Infopreneur Small Business Startup Tips

Thanks to the internet, becoming an inforpreneur is possible even if you are not a computer genius. There are several ways to set up your small business using existing formats found online.

Start a Blog

  • Choose from one of hundreds of formats and customizable backgrounds
  • Determine your main focus, the theme of your website, be specific
  • Write articles
  • Link to other places online where your work can be found
  • Add Adsense and Amazon ads
  • Promote

Write Articles

  • Offer to write content for other blogs
  • Write for exisisting information websites
  • Create Hubpages or use Squidoo

Write an Ebook

  • Gather your information into an Ebook
  • Create ads to draw attention and direct traffic to your Ebook.
  • Use ClickBank to have affiliates earn commission by selling your Ebook.