Interview with Entrepreneur Coach Melani Ward - Business Numerologist, Career & Business Coach

Interview with Entrepreneur Coach Melani Ward - Business Numerologist, Career & Business Coach
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Entrepreneurship Tips from Melani Ward

Melani Ward is a Business Numerologist who provides coaching for entrepreneurs. She finds creative ways for clients to share their passions and live the kind of lifestyle that doesn’t require them to give up freedom for money. She does this based on the numbers in their chart. Melani has a long list of degrees and certifications, and recently helped a client create a 6-figure business launch with her innovative marketing strategies. She provides telephone coaching services, holds classes and workshops, and offers information on her website.

How did you become an entrepreneur?

Well, I always wanted to be an entrepreneur. I co-founded a business with my ex-husband. I was a teacher and counselor, I ran my own classroom and wasn’t told what to do. I never wanted to work in an office and have a set schedule. I always did more independent things. I took a part-time job, then got pregnant. I decided to be an entrepreneur so my kids could see me doing something that matters and is worthwhile; so they could see me taking the initiative and creating something for them. And, there is no limit to how much you make, it isn’t based on how many degrees you have or anything like that.

What kind(s) of business do you own?

You know how sometimes you meet someone whose business is going well, they’re in the flow, and it all seems easy? I help people to have this. I identify their innate talents and abilities and the things that create challenges for them. I show them how to step into their purpose so they can make lots of money and live their purpose, and enjoy how they spend their time and contribute to the world.

Mainly I use numerology, identifying all the numbers in their chart. I also studied hand analysis, it’s another tool, and you see so many of the same things in hands and numbers so they go well together.

My typical clients are experiencing lackluster results in their business; they’ve had other coaches and bought tons of programs, and feel like they’ve been shot through a sausage machine. They need a fresh perspective, not rote information, but customized for each individual person. We identify their innate tendencies so it makes marketing less stressful and more effective. I’ve had my share of coaches, they treated me like any Joe Schmo, as if I’m them. I’d say, “You’re talking about you. You’re creating a marketing strategy for you, but I’m a totally different person.” Numerology helps pull out what’s individual and unique.

What are the major factors that have contributed to your success?

Certainly motivation and credibility, though that’s the boring stuff. Not being afraid to just be who I am, rather than trying to be someone I wasn’t. I was trying to be the person I thought people would want to hire. Now I write like I want and market like I want. I don’t do what people tell me to do, I just have to be myself. My business turned around dramatically when I realized that.

What major obstacles and pitfalls have you had to overcome?

My main obstacle is me. We’re always our biggest obstacle. We’re bombarded by junk that we take in as truth in marketing messages so we feel, “I’m doing it wrong. I’m not making a million dollars. I must suck. I must be horrible at this.” When I was finally ready I was able to say, “I don’t agree and I don’t have to agree.” Once I saw results it was pretty easy to stay with it. Now I do not care what anybody thinks about me, my ideas, my beliefs and models.

What advice do you have for new entrepreneurs or those considering becoming entrepreneurs?

Find out what it is that makes you so excited that you can’t wait to get out of bed in the morning, and find a way to get paid for it. Monetize it. You can get paid for just about anything. Do you love insects? You can make a million dollars at it. Ask yourself who can you not help but be? Who walks in the room before you do? When you figure that out, you’ve got yourself a business. Then get a mentor to help you monetize it.

What advice do you have for entrepreneurs who are struggling to achieve success?

If you’re overwhelmed, back off and do an audit of what it is that’s overwhelming you. It’s usually not what you think it is. Usually you think it’s time or money, you get caught on the surface problems. Find someone you can work with to figure out what you are totally overwhelmed with, it’s a solvable problem. If you’re not taking money-making actions everyday, if you’re doing lots of busy work and not tracking things and not making money, you can’t keep doing the same busy stuff.

It all comes down to implementation. I get the same numbers coming through the door all the time, because I work with entrepreneurs, and they have a way of thinking that’s similar. They’re driven, they’re go-getters, they have lots of initiative. But they get so caught up in their minds at how great it’s gonna be, that they talk themselves out of it! They’re great in their minds, they’re great thinkers. But as soon as they tell me an idea, they immediately start talking themselves out of it. I have to tell them to stop thinking, and do one thing to start making it happen. Then take the next step. There’s always a convenient reason why you can’t make it happen, but once you actually get started it becomes a snowball effect, so keep doing the next thing. Get out of your head, just make happen what you want to happen.

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