Why Blogging Should be Part of Your Job: The Benefits of Blogging

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Great, you’ve just had your Monday morning briefing and your line manager has decided that the blogging idea he told you all about two months ago is now going to start. Every month the members of your team take it in turns to write a blog post to help the company boost its customer engagement.

And to make matters worse, you’ve been tasked with kicking off the project.

Yes, you know you should have been preparing for it.

You were all asked to start listing ideas for articles that reflect the queries of your customers. The problem is, you’d hoped it wouldn’t happen so haven’t bothered because it seemed like a waste of time. You naively believed you’d easily be able to think of something each month if you had to. But now the time has come, your mind is as empty as…well as an empty thing.

But rather than being a chore, blogging will benefit you in the long run.

1. Stand out from the crowd

First of all if you do as your line manager asks, you’re going to look good. Yes, I know, no one likes the teacher’s pet, but where’s the harm in impressing the boss now and then?

But on top of that, blogging is also a great way to raise your own profile beyond the walls of your company.

As the author you’ll get a bi-line so the whole world will know you’re the author. It’s your opportunity to showcase your experience and talent – who knows where that could lead.

2. Improve your writing skills

Writing regularly is a great way to improve your writing skills and develop your own individual voice.

Over time you’ll develop a more engaging tone that will also pay dividends for the daily communications you have to write, such as emails. Your writing will become clearer and more efficient, which could get you noticed by those in the management suite.

3. Broaden your horizons

There will be only so many topics you can come up with before you start repeating yourself, so you’ll probably have to do a bit of research. Perhaps there’s a new technology emerging in your sector or a new regulation that people need to know about.  Reading up on things like that will expand your knowledge base and your employability.

Again, this proactive stance could get you noticed – for the right reasons.

So as you can see, blogging shouldn’t be seen as a chore. It is a great development opportunity that will help you expand your knowledge, improve your communication skills and get you noticed. 

About the Author: Sally Ormond is an independent copywriter and owner of Briar Copywriting Ltd. For tips on copywriting, marketing and social media, you can also read her words of wisdom on Briar Copywriting’s Blog.