7 Steps to More Powerful Email Marketing: Supercharge Your Emails

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Email marketing is a must for any business. It’s quick, easy and can reach potentially thousands of people within seconds.

Of course, because it’s so easy it’s being done very badly by a few, spoiling it for the many. My inbox strains under the weight of terrible email marketing.

On top of the vast number of Nigerian princes who seem to want to send me money and all the other phoney baloney, there are a plethora of brightly coloured and badly formatted ones from alleged experts in all manner of different fields.

And of course, worth a special mention are the ones that tell you “I’m emailing following our earlier call” – you know, the one that never happened.

What you must understand that although just an email, it could be the first impression someone gets of your company. If they get something poorly written they won’t touch your company with a barge pole.

Make sure your emails hit the right note

To help you make sure you’re not dumped unceremoniously in the rubbish bin, here are some simple tips that will help you.

1. Scanable emails

It’s a sad fact, but your recipient isn’t going to read every word you write, which is why it’s important you make sure it’s scanable.

This can be achieved by using persuasive sub headings that contain key products and service so your reader can see at a glance what your email contains. If you’re including an offer make sure it’s in bold print so it can’t be missed.

To make the format of your email look even more interesting, use bulleted lists to highlight benefits. Above all, keep your language and email structure simple.

2. Make sure it flows

Disjointed emails that lurch from one idea to another are really difficult to read.

It’s essential your subject line flows (and is relevant to) into the body of your email. Also, a great way to make sure your message is driven home is to reiterate your message in your final paragraph along with a strong call to action.

3. Use emotion

Whether you like it or not, emotion sells. Use words that show empathy to draw your reader in and makes them believe you understand their problem and genuinely want to help them.

4. Use the right voice

The tone of voice you use can make or break your email. Larger companies will have brand guidelines that set out how all marketing materials should be written. If you don’t have guidelines make sure your writing uses the same approach as your website and other marketing to keep continuity.

5. Provide the reader with proof

Why should they buy from you?

Your reader won’t buy just because you ask them to. It’s important to give them cast iron reasons for doing business with you in the form of benefits backed up by facts.

6. Psychology

If you give something of value to them, they’re more likely to buy from you. It can be information, tips, and advice – anything that will be of benefit to them.

The use of case studies and testimonials will show them how others have already benefited – will they really want to miss out?). To add a bit of urgency, how about adding a time limit to your offer?

7. Review

Make sure you read through your email carefully before sending.

Not only should you check for typos, you must also make sure:

  • Your paragraphs are short and snappy
  • The subject matter is relevant to your audience
  • Your offer is correct
  • Your message is short and sweet
  • You can scan the email and still understand what it’s about

By following these 7 tips your next email marketing campaign will resonate with your recipients, driving more sales and engagement.

About the Author: Sally Ormond is a copywriter based in the UK. Through her business, Briar Copywriting Ltd, she works with a broad range of clients around the world, from SMEs to blue chip companies, creating eye-catching, compelling copy, which boosts their sales and market visibility