The Unexpected Value in a No Follow Link: Why You Should Guest Blog Even for NoFollow Links

The Unexpected Value in a No Follow Link: Why You Should Guest Blog Even for NoFollow Links
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It’s gutting, isn’t it?

You spent hours creating that article. You proofed it again and again to make sure it was completely error free. You even spent loads of time researching the website to make sure the content was right for their audience and written in the right tone.

They loved it, which was amazing, right up until you read the last line of their acceptance email.

“It’s our policy to award all articles with a nofollow link.”

Award? Seriously?

The whole reason you wrote the darn thing was to get a link from their site as part of your search engine optimization strategy.

All that work was for nothing because a nofollow link is useless.

Is it though?

Just think about it for a moment.

The reason they said yes to your submission in the first place was because they liked what you had to say and the way you said it. They felt it was the perfect fit for their audience.

Once published, their readers will read it.

They’ll also like what you have to say and will take a look at the author’s bio at the end.

They’ll be intrigued and want to know what else you’ve written, so they follow that totally invaluable nofollow link you’re sulking about.

Did you read that?

They follow the link.

That means they leave the website they’re on and head over to yours for a sneaky peek. They may even hang around a while to see what else you’ve written. They may even subscribe to your RSS feed so they’ll be the first to know about anything else you write.

If it links to your business website they may have a poke around to see what you do. They may be so interested they get in touch with you to see how you can help them.

Oh my God! That nofollow link has just brought a new customer to your door.

I bet you’re not sulking now, are you?

You see, even though on the face of it nofollow links have no value because they don’t bring any much-needed link juice with them, they can bring real live people. In my book that’s far more valuable.

Don’t be disappointed by nofollow links. They may not directly affect your rankings, but they could enhance your reputation, especially if they come from well-respected websites.

About the Author: Sally Ormond is a freelance copywriter and owner of Briar Copywriting Ltd. For tips on copywriting, marketing and social media, you can also read her words of wisdom on Briar Copywriting’s Blog.