3 Fun Ways to Track Sales Goals

3 Fun Ways to Track Sales Goals
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Sales goals can be motivating, but they can also be daunting. If you are a sales manager or person responsible for tracking sales goals, you may want to add a little fun into the exercise. Even if you are only responsible for tracking your own goals, you can motivate yourself to reach and exceed your sales goals by finding fun ways to track sales goals. When tracking sales goals for a group, it can also add a little competitive spirit to the task. Nowadays, you can track sales goals either online or in the offline world, and make each way just as fun as the others.

43 Things

43 Things is online tool that helps you set and track goals. Photo by 43 Things.

43 Things is an online goal setting and tracking tool. It is a social networking tool, so you can also share and track the progress of reaching the goal with friends, colleagues, etc. This online tool is free to use. All you have to do is sign up for an account. Once you have the account established, you can set your goal or goals. You can track your own goals and even share your progress with others so they cheer you on in reaching the goals you have set.

When you have reached your goals, the network allows you to share this with everyone as well. Setting and reaching goals is not only self satisfying, but it can even provide encouragement to your fellow sales professionals, friends, family members, colleagues or anyone else that you are sharing your sales goals.


Stikk allows you to set and track goals, choose a referee and assemble your cheering squad. Photo by Stikk.

Stickk is an another online web application that allows you to set and track sales goals. The difference with this app is it requires you to make a contract for your goal and put a stake (which is a wager, such as money or simply your reputation) on reaching the goal. The third step is choosing a referee to monitor your goal. When you have a referee, it is like having your own cheering squad to keep you going or someone to help you make adjustments to reach your goal.

In addition to assigning one person in the role of your referee, you also have the option of sharing your goal with others. When more people know about the goal you have to reach, the more support you feel, and the more likely you are to feel the need to achieve the goal.

Traditional Graph Illustration

In addition to the online entertaining ways to track sales goals, you also have some old tried and true ways of tracking that are still fun ways to track sales goals. Draw a graph in a shape that has something to do with your business on to a big poster board or sheets of white butcher paper or art paper. For example, an insurance agent may draw a graph in the shape of a thermometer. If it is a real estate agent office that has sales goals, then draw the graph in the shape of a house.

Draw lines across the graph shape for each of the goal milestones that need to be met. Choose a marker, crayon or paint to color in up to the draw line or milestone as the goal is met. It is enjoyable to do the coloring in front of the group of sales people at a sales meeting so that it allows you to update them on where they are in reaching the goal. It can also motivate them to take it to the next level, and all the way to the top, which is reaching the ultimate sales goal.

Set targets and track them the fun and easy way. Photo by JsCreationzs

Setting and meeting sales goals is a daily practice for sales professionals. This does not, however, mean that you cannot find witty ways to track sales. When you mix some fun into the activity of setting and tracking sales goals, it can a very motivating factor. You may choose to do this on your own when it comes to your own sales goals. You can also choose to make it a sales group event.

When you make it a sales group event, it not only adds a little fun to setting, tracking and meeting the sales goals, but it also mixes in a little competition. Competition can work in the favor of all of the sales people to meet each of their individual goals. When each sales professional meets their individual goals, this also means that the department and the company as a whole is well on its way to reaching its sales goals.