Great Campaign Slogan Generators to Help You Market Your Products

Great Campaign Slogan Generators to Help You Market Your Products
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Engaging your Potential Customers

Thinking up new advertising slogans is a challenging process, so having a slogan generator do it for you is a real benefit. These generators are available on the Internet and are some are free. All you do is type in a keyword and a slogan will pop up and you can just keep trying until you find the right one. It may mean typing in different words to get a different type of slogan. What you really need to think about it what is your “Unique Selling Point”? What is it that you actually want to sell? Is it a concept or an idea that leads to the purchase of your product or service. Do some brainstorming before you start and some words ready to put into the slogan generators.

Login to your browser and type in “Advertising Slogan Generator.” A list will appear, choose The Surrealist which appears to be the most popular. However, you do have to choose your word carefully to get a suitable slogan. You may have think laterally to get what you want. This particular generator thinks the word you have typed is a noun and will create a slogan around that word. For instance, if you type “Inexpensive”, the slogan that appears is “Come to Inexpensive, and Let’s Get it Done.” So you can see you have to be creative and imaginative to get the right advertising slogan for your company. The generator does not do all the work for you.

Easy to Use and Free

Another useful tool is Sloganizer , this one is similar in that you type in your key word and keep clicking on the “Sloganize” button to see different slogans. This is easy to use and comes up with a host of useful and interesting slogans but again does think the word you type in is a noun, so some creativity is required. You can just keep clicking on the “Sloganize” button and it keep coming up with new slogans. Change the word and more will appear.

Interesting and Free

This slogan generator is another easy to use tool. Type in Procato and all you have to do is add in your word and keep clicking on “Create a Slogan” and different slogans will appear. Slogans appear that sometimes use parts of existing slogans such as “The future is….” which could be useful as companies have piggy backed onto an existing advertising campaign. It depends on your product or service.

Pay the Professionals

You slogan could be on here

Now we move to paid for slogans. The Slogan Shop will create your slogan for a price, $159 to be exact,. Costs increase to $749 for “The Works on Steroids”, that is branding, slogans, logo, business cards, stationery and email signature. If you are a new business, this may be worth doing as their portfolio is impressive and having a professional, dedicated company working on your business image can reap benefits. We all have our talents and yours will be linked to your business but it may have nothing to do with advertising, so using an experienced company could prove worth its weight in orders.

Invite Creativity

Here is a different option. You invite people to create your slogan for you and offer a fee. It is promoted as a competition as writers compete to come up with the best slogan and win the “prize” of your fee. You have a selection of slogans to choose from and the one you choose is your property. The sort of fees companies are offering range from $200 upwards which compared to “The Slogan Shop”, who are professionals in this field, is quite high. The people who are submitting the slogans are freelance writers so will be creative and imaginative and of course you may well get a high response with many slogans from which to choose. This is a ‘fun’ way to generate an advertising campaign slogan but it will take your time and you may get nothing worthwhile.