What Are the Best Internet Promotion Methods: Learn the Top 4 Proven Methods Here!

What Are the Best Internet Promotion Methods: Learn the Top 4 Proven Methods Here!
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Search Engines Level the Internet Marketing Field

Not only did e-commerce manage to buck the recession that dragged down the U.S. retail industry in 2009 for a total of over $155 billion in online sales, reports Forester Research, it grew another 11 percent in 2010, out-pacing U.S. retailers.

The true beauty of e-commerce is the small, one-owner shop benefits from the same Internet business promotion methods as the big box websites. Internet marketing not only produces results; it doesn’t have to be expensive. That puts e-commerce sites on quite a level playing field. Adapting the four marketing promotions e-marketers have tested to work will bring steady results.

1. SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimization continues to be one of the most profitable Internet business promotion methods. SEO is simply a way to utilize certain keywords consumers use to search when shopping on the Internet. By learning the common keywords that pertain to your e-commerce site, you can word the copy on your e-commerce site or sites as well as in your advertising or marketing copy.

For instance, if you type in “dentist” in the free Google Adwords tool you’ll find that dentists is the most widely used search consumers searching for a dentist type in. Other words consumers use are: “find dentist,” “general dentist” or “local dentist.” By specifically studying the keywords in your industry and using them in your Internet copy, you’ll drive targeted traffic to your site. Google has done for all e-commerce sites what the big box brick and mortar stores pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to do–target customers to bring more buying feet in the door.

2. Video & MP3 Recordings


You can use media as a fantastic advantage to drive more traffic to your website. Sites such as YouTube and PHP Motion have proven that Internet surfers love videos. Several entrepreneurs have created daily, weekly, monthly or occasional MP3 recordings and simply posted them on their websites to both inform and entertain potential customers.

The beauty of this is you can use recordings to post not only to your site, but on video sites and other sites looking for content. That cross-marketing brings excellent Internet business promotion results. Video content also ranks well in search engines such as Google and Bing.

3. Social Networking Promotion


Anywhere you look these days, someone is talking about twittering or posting on Facebook. According to Get Clickz’s website, in 2009, Twitter had over 14 million users a month. Any e-commerce promoter who overlooks social networking as a source for new clients is overlooking a potential gold mine.

Even big box retailers such as Barnes & Noble, Target and Sears have developed Internet business promotion via social sites such as Twitter, Facebook and MySpace. One of the most effective ways to garner new clientele for e-commerce sites is to offer a social coupon with a discount on your business social networking page.

4. Guest Blogging

Another powerful Internet business promotion tool is guest blogging. Popular bloggers need continuous content. Some go about getting that content by allowing other e-commerce sites or bloggers who have something their readers can benefit from to post a guest blog. The key is to look for a blog that appeals to clients that would possibly purchase the items or services you carry. If you are a dentist for example, search out local bloggers who blog about a person’s well-being, good health or cosmetics.

If you are a general dentist, another local dentist probably won’t welcome a guest post from a competitor, however, an orthodontist who doesn’t work with a local general dentist might. Simply search locally for businesses that complement your own and shoot an email to them asking if you can contribute a helpful guest blog for their clientele. If you don’t like to write, hire a writer to write a series of how-to articles or ask one of your employees if they’d like to post guest blogs.

Effective Internet promotion doesn’t have to cost a lot. With a little time and effort, you can regularly post written, filmed or recorded content on the Net for potential customers to review. Once you start posting, remember to utilize SEO to assure your posts reach more traffic. It’s easy to position yourself as the go-to professional in your industry and drive more customers to your e-commerce site by using these top methods.


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