Free Sales Lead Tracking Templates: Easy Way to Keep Track of Your Sales

Free Sales Lead Tracking Templates: Easy Way to Keep Track of Your Sales
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Help for Small Business Owners

I’ve created a spreadsheet to help you keep up with your sales calls. I will take some time to explain this template so you will gain the most benefit from it. If you want to download the form while reading, click the following link: Free Sales Lead Tracker

First, I’m assuming you have your own script that you use when talking to prospects. The purpose of this template is to help you keep up with the results that occur when you call on potential clients. Ideally you want to use this to make sure you follow up with the people you talk to. After all, the fortune is in the follow up, right? So let’s get into how to use this template.

In the first column, you would just indicate when the last time was you made contact with your prospect. This could be via email, phone, mail or fax. If your first contact was other than phone, follow up with a phone call.

In the second column, you need to put what the prospect’s initial reaction was. Here you will use a numerical value according to the following list:

  1. call again
  2. find another contact
  3. stay in touch
  4. no interest
  5. customer
  6. re-organizing
  7. never call again (add to your do not call list)
  8. in-person meeting set

In the third column, you place the status of this client. For example, you may be playing phone tag with one client or email tag with another. Here is where you make notes about what’s going on with the client. Put one of the following results in this section.

  • active
  • emailed intro
  • spoke w/them
  • no need now
  • not a prospect
  • calendar callback
  • conversing
  • left full vmail
  • left name only
  • meeting set
  • met
  • webcast set
  • went to vmail
  • holiday email
  • stay in touch
  • x - no answer
  • $ - sale made
  • z - not a stakeholder

Now I’m aware that all of these options might not fit your company’s needs. Just use the ones that do.

The next section is where you put the contact information. There is a space for the address, a suite number (if necessary), City, State, Zip Code, and Country. These fields are pretty self explanatory so I’m not spending a lot of time explaining this section. Just put the necessary information into the corresponding fields.

The next section is what I call the social networking section. Here is where you track which social network you are connected with the prospect on. I’ve included the main three networks that most businesses use. I’ve included Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. All you would have to do would be to indicate with a Y or if the prospect is connected or if they have been sent an invitation to connect. The remaining sections are fairly easy to understand. Just use the fields that correspond to your situation.

Use This Template to Follow Up

I hope you can get some use out of this template. The idea behind this is to make it easier for you to keep up with each client and where they are in the sales process. Like I said before, the fortune is in the follow up. Now get busy and start making some money!

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