Computer Networking

Looking to network different computers together using a wired or wireless connection? Find all the information, tips, and tutorials about computer networking. Read about how to setup and configure routers, proper network settings, and other information on connecting computers together.

Linksys Wireless VoIP Router

As wireless networks and VoIP telephony continue to grow in popularity, the integration of the two components offer advantages in compatibility, setup and operation. A Linkys wireless VoIP router will provide significant cost benefit in a feature rich network environment.

Are Broadband and DSL the Same?

With so many choices to make, choosing the right Internet connection to suit your needs and requirements is also difficult. The article explains the difference between broadband and DSL. The article answers the basic question: is broadband and DSL the same?

What is Telecommunications?

The answer to the question of what is telecommunication has changed dramatically with the advent of new technology. While the basics still apply, the definition of telecommunication has expanded to many new mediums. Find out more here.

The Advantages of Telecommunications

There are many advantages of telecommunications and by understanding telecommunications, you can use these advantages to your benefit. The field of telecommunications has advanced a great deal over the ages, and knowing how to use these new telecommunications devices has many benefits.

Choosing VoIP for your business

In this time of cost-cutting, is it time to seriously look at VOIP as a viable and, more importantly, reliable communications platform for your business? We’ll explore the pros and cons of VOIP and have an insight into the other possible options for effective and business communication solutions.

Owning a VoIP Platform

One of the major decisions to make when implementing a VoIP platform is whether to host the system yourself or entrust those duties to a managed service provider. This article examines the process involved in making such a monumental decision for your telecommunications system.