Email Tips and Strategies

Email and email-related services are among the most widely used collaborative tools in today’s world. Find out more about how you can use email to become more productive and efficient. Also, learn about the various types of email software available, including popular clients like Microsoft Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird as well as some lesser known utilities.

Test Your Knowledge of Email History

So you can process a hundred different emails into specific folders, ensuring each is responded to in a timely manner – but can you answer a few fun questions about how the process of communications over the Internet began and how it became so sophisticated?

10 Best Practices for Email Retention

Around 35 billion e-mails are generated on any given day, making storage and retention a nightmare. Increasing storage capacity to cater to increased volumes is shortsighted. The solution is a well thought out retention policy that archives only the most relevant emails and allows easy retrieval.

Pimero Review: Is Pimero a Viable Outlook Replacement?

If you’ve been looking for a one-stop do it all shop for your email, social networking, appointments and tasks, Pimero may be just the software program you have been looking for. Find out whether this program will meet your PIM needs in this Pimero review.

Spicebird Review: Learn About Another Great PIM Alternative

In this Spicebird review, learn about whether or not Spicebird is the PIM software you need for managing your contacts, email, appointments, tasks and more. Spicebird is an open source option, like Thunderbird, that can help you to replace Microsoft Outlook.

Postbox Review: Email Client for Macs and Windows

Social networking and power e-mail users should take a look at Postbox desktop e-mail program. Its ability to turn your Gmail labels to a folder is going to help you in focusing on important Gmail messages. There’s more and you’ll find it out in this Postbox review.

Find Out in this Pegasus Mail Review Whether the Program Fits Your needs

If you’ve been looking for a no-frills approach to email perhaps you’ve been looking at the freeware program, Pegasus Mail. Will this program cover your needs or will it be difficult to use? What are the features? Is Pegasus Mail easy to install? All the answers are here in this Pegasus Mail review.

Find a Great Microsoft Outlook Alternative in this Barca Review

Find out in this Barca review whether or not this program is what you need for managing your mail, tasks, appointments and more. If you’ve been looking for a way to replace Microsoft Outlook, or if you’ve been looking for a way to manage your email and tasks, Barca could be the program for you.

Juno Web Email: A Review

Juno Web Email: A Review

Juno webmail has been around for longer than many web email services. It offers a simple and free way for people to have their own email account. There is also a premium, paid option that offers more services. Juno can be used in conjunction with popular email client software like Outlook Express.