Analysis: Benefits of Mass Collaboration

Analysis: Benefits of Mass Collaboration
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What Is Mass Collaboration?

Have you ever heard of Wikipedia or any type of forum? That is mass collaboration at its core. It is a way of doing things where just about everyone can add, subtract, or make edits to a large database of ideas. But how is it beneficial to something you’re trying to achieve, be it a project or just day-to-day operations? This article hopes to explore that notion to help you understand and perhaps apply mass collaboration to how you do things.

Easier Method of Cataloging Data

Save yourself the trouble and archive digitally.

Let’s say you have a very large project, one which requires a lot of knowledge being updated as the project goes along. Mass collaboration allows for this to happen and ends up becoming a well documented database that can be accessed by anyone involved with the project to better understand what has been done, what needs to be done, and how they can apply that information to their duties so they can in turn add their results to the overall database.

The data can then be organized by date, significance, and any other category you might need to organize the information in.

Organic Reporting

Rather than having to turn over a report monthly, weekly, or yearly, you can allow your supervisors and sponsors to monitor your mass collaboration effort to see how the project is developing on its own. You can also observe patterns and trends as they unfold if your collaborative effort has a set time-line to better understand why something is going wrong or maybe track where a portion of the project may have gone awry.

Ease of Data Collecting

Since all members of the project should be contributing their results to this collaboration, there doesn’t have to be a dedicated data collector, which cuts down on costs.

Time is money and the less time you spend having to go to each member or team to collect and analyze the data, the better. Since it is all located in one spot all that needs to be done is to organize and analyze the data so that it can be condensed into proper reports or just left as is for the forum it’s hosted in.

This also has the benefit of cutting down on human error as the data is placed into the collaboration by those who collected it in the first place, making it as accurate as possible.

More Group Involvement

Creating a forum for your mass collaboration to take place in opens up the discussion for members of the project to discuss and contest each others results to better find mistakes and be more involved in the project itself. This in turn can create new findings or help to make the project more efficient at doing things. It also allows for those involved in the project to feel like their voice is being heard or even that they have something to do if their job is tedious.

Green Solution

Plants are nice, green solutions we’ll keep them around.

Mass collaboration is more of a modern tool now that things like forums hosted on the Internet and the emergence of wikis, everything you would put into the collaboration would be hosted online or on a private network. Unless you had to print out reports (which could be easily converted to e-mail reports) your collaborative efforts would be paperless.


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