How to Find Different Voices for Ventrilo

How to Find Different Voices for Ventrilo
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Methods for Creating Different Voices

When working with others in Ventrilo you might find yourself wanting to use a different voice either as a prank, for role-playing purposes, or maybe you would just like to keep your voice a secret for privacy purposes. There are a couple ways to achieve different voices for Ventrilo that provide quality results. If you’re just looking to mask your voice a bit and aren’t too particular in adjusting the pitch or adding any fancy effects, the settings that you can edit within Ventrilo itself can provide this cover. If you’re looking for specific voices such as a fairy princess or and undead monster, there are several third-party programs that allow you to create and use these voices.

Altering Ventrilo Settings

Adjust the amplifiers until you reach the desired effect.

The settings that Ventrilo allows you to edit are somewhat limited. Those familiar with Ventrilo know that their outbound volume can be raised or lowered if their microphone is too soft or loud, but what you may not know is that you can edit the bass of your voice a bit. To do this, enter the Setup window and under the voice tab there will be a section labeled “Amplifiers.” You can adjust the Outbound slider in either direction to increase or decrease the amount of bass in your voice.

Screaming Bee Audio’s MorphVOX

Screenshot of MorphVOX Pro’s Studio version.

MorphVOX is a voice morphing program that can be used over any VOIP program. The program comes in two forms which are MorphVOX Pro and MorphVOX Junior. MorphVOX Pro has to be purchased while MorphVOX Junior is an earlier release that is a free-to-use version of the product. The differences between the two are fairly sizable but if you’re just looking for something simple or temporary, go for MorphVOX Junior. The program comes packed with several voices such as Male-to-Female, Female-to-Male, and other weird voice morphs such as an Evil Overlord or Chipmunk.

AV Voice Changer Software

Main Panel Screenshot of AV Voice Changer.

AV Voice Changer is very similar to MorphVOX in that it comes with a set of pre-made voices and the option to edit them or create your own. The downside, however, is no free version is available. AV Voice Changer is supported by Ventrilo and follows the same setup procedures as MorphVOX to construct different voices for Ventrilo.

Using a Third-Party Program in Ventrilo

Select the third-party program from this drop-down menu.

To use MorphVOX or AV Changer Software on Ventrilo you will need to install either program to your computer and start up the program. Next, enter the Voice tab of the Setup window. Under the “Input Device” there will be at least two options; one being your default microphone or Screaming Bee Audio () or the AV Voice Changer () depending on which product you are using. Select the latter option to allow the program to override your microphone. Your voice will not be altered until after you’ve edited some of the settings within the program and they are saved.

You can test to see if the program is working and that you have accomplished different voices for Ventrilo by connecting to your own IP address like you would a Ventrilo server or by finding a free or public server.


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