Top 10 Thunderbird Task Manager Addons: Great Collaborative Tools

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Be More Efficient and More Productive

Thunderbird, while a great alternative to Microsoft Outlook for managing your email, does not come with a calendar or task management system. Even though Thunderbird lacks task management as a stand-alone, there are many great Thunderbird task manager addons you can download. These addon task managers greatly extend the utility of Thunderbird. What are the best downloads for managing tasks in Thunderbird? Read on and find out.

1. Lightning

Lightning is perhaps one of the most well-known of the addons for Thunderbird. Lightning is a calendar feature for Thunderbird that allows users to schedule appointments directly in Thunderbird. Lightning functions much like Microsoft Outlook’s calendar feature, where you can schedule appointments, share calendars, give you pop-up reminders of appointments, and color-code events. If you’re looking for the most functionality in a Thunderbird task management addon, Lightning is the program for you.

2. Tasks & Mails

Tasks and Mails is another add-in that links tasks directly to emails. For instance, should you receive an email that requires a follow up action, you can use Tasks and Mails to link the task to the guiding email. This takes the place of the much-used flag feature of Microsoft Outlook. The tasks are then stored with the email in the email folder. This is quite useful if many of your tasks are associated with emails and RSS feeds.

3. Remember the Milk

Remember the Milk is a popular task-management program that many use to track to-dos and appointments. Remember the Milk has been integrated with Gmail and Google for a while. Now, you can get the Remember the Milk addon for Thunderbird. The program is a simple task manager, that allows you to input tasks into its interface, organize your tasks, and associate tasks with specific locations. This program is great if you’re more of a list-maker than a scheduler when it comes to planning your to-dos.

4. XNote

Not a task manager, per sae, XNote for Thunderbird allows you to create sticky notes that are associated with emails. You can create a note for each mail (wouldn’t it be great to keep meeting notes with the email?) that you can read later when attached to the original email. Later, you can then integrate your notes into a fresh email that you are sending. This is a great addon for those who need to associate notes with emails.

5. Chromatasks

Chromatasks is another tasks utility for Thunderbird. This program allows you to change the colors of your tasks, instead of using the predefined colors. This can be useful if you wish to color-code tasks for grouping similar tasks together or for grouping project tasks together. This makes it so that at a glance you can determine what tasks are interrelated.

6. ThunderBirthday

ThunderBirthday extracts information from your contacts list regarding birthdays and anniversaries and automatically integrates this information with Lightning. As an added bonus, you can create an XNote (should you have downloaded this addon) to create a list of possible gifts for the honoree.

7. Quicktext

The Quicktext addon for Thunderbird allows you to create templates for routine emails. If you tend to type certain things over and over in Thunderbird, this is a great addition since it saves you time.

8. Sync Kolab

Sync Kolab allows users to synchronize your IMAP files. This means if you are using Gmail and you wish to have all your email addresses and contact information available anywhere (and over networks) you can. This is a handy tool for Thunderbird, especially if you are prone to using multiple computers.

9. ThunderBrowse

Do you hate having multiple windows open? If so, ThunderBrowse may be the addon for you. This addon allows you to browse Internet links contained in your Thunderbird account right in your window.

10. Provider for Google Calendar

Finally, keep track of your tasks and appointments anywhere you might be in the world by syncing Google Calendar with your Lightning Calendar using Provider for Google Calendar. By using this program, you can write events using Lightning to Google Calendar with ease.