What are some Popular VoIP Phones

What are some Popular VoIP Phones
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What is VOIP?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) is a delivery system that takes the voice of the caller and breaks it down into packets. It is transmitted over the Internet using the TCP/IP protocol and reassembled at the receiver’s end where they hear the voice of the caller in a normal fashion.

TCP/IP is the messaging rule set; it stands for transport control protocol/ internet protocol. This is the routing protocol for the Internet. That means that the message is first broken down into a series of self-contained packets with information like the source and destination address, and the message content. When it is delivered special operations take over that guarantee that the sequence of the packets will be correct when they are reassembled. In VoIP the packets are voice signals, not text or data signals.

What Are VOIP Phones

VoIP is a telecommunication service that includes phone calls, videoconferencing, and telephony services. The one thing that they all have in common is that they can be completed over a high-speed Internet connection. This is DSL, fiber to the home, or cable.

VoIp companies are worldwide, and the only physical connection that you need to access them is your high-speed Internet connection. All of your contact and communication is completed online through your VoIP phone. An IP phone will have an Internet connection to your Internet Service Provider (ISP), like AT&T, a modem/router that makes the connection from your location to the ISP, and an IP number.

Your VoIP phone number will be given to you by the provider and it will match the IP number that you have on your VoIP system. That is an internal operation, and not one that you will be concerned with. Suffice it to say is that your IP number, which regulates your access to the Internet, will now also have your phone number as well.

Standalone Ethernet Hard Phones (voice only)

Ethernet based VoIP phones are self-contained IP telephone units that resemble a conventional phone. A conventional phone jack is missing, but instead it has a Fast Ethernet connection port through which it communicates directly with a VoIP server, a gateway, or another VoIP phone.

Since the VoIP ethernet phone works directly with a VoIP server or other VoIP device, it does not require a personal computer nor any other software on the personal computer to place or receive VoIP phone calls. The Ethernet VoIP phone can be used independently. The only thing that is required is an Internet connection. But keep in mind, PC based software solutions are usually cheaper, but a hard phone will be the best solution for IP telephony for business uses.

Here is a short list of popular IP Phones that are available to the public.

Aastra IP Phones

Astra provides business IP phones that have multiline appearances with support for system functions like lamp fields and shared lines.


Source: Astra


3Com was one of the early companies to deploy VoIP. Since 1998 it has deployed more than 18,000 IP PBX systems and 650,000 phones worldwide. 3Com has received many patents in voice over IP (VoIP) technology.


Source: 3Com


AllWin provides a VoIP solution used for Small Office Home Office operations. When you place your calls they go over the network, which means that there is zero and minimum call charge as well as maximum call quality. The have VoIP routers and gateways besides the IP phones.


Source: AllWin


Bcomtel offers customized products that are easy-to-install, use, and provide high-performance.

BeComtel - IP Phone

Source: BComTel


Telephone communication has come along way from the time of the analog rotary phone to the digital phone. With the rise of the Internet new phone communication systems have also risen. Many of the technologies that were unique to the Internet, like DSL and Cable, and the IP number, have found their way to the phone systems. The main reasons to switch over to the VoIP system are lower costs and more reliability of the communication operations.

Source: Introduction To VoIP

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