Making the Most from the Skype Business Control Panel

Making the Most from the Skype Business Control Panel
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Today’s technology makes it possible to link with colleagues and clients across the country and all over the world. You can use Skype’s business applications to link people from multiple locations via video conferences or teleconferences. This ready access to personal communication has become the norm in business communications. Skype has designed its business control panel for uses specific to corporate needs.

The Skype Business Control Panel is a feature designed to help business owners who want to use Skype across multiple computers with multiple users. A much simpler option than using a complex phone system, having individual Skype numbers for employees is generally more cost effective, as well. The Business Control Panel makes it easy to manage numbers, employees, and account balances all in one place.

To use the Skype Business Control Panel, you’ll first need to download Skype and register an account. For more information on this process, please see: How to Install and Configure Skype for Windows. Once you have your user name, all you’ll need to do is register for a Skype Business account, (you can use the link in the Resources section below to do this).

All you need to do when you sign up for the Business account is enter your business information and make sure to agree to all the terms and conditions. From there, you enter business information, and you can purchase Skype credit to distribute across all the employee accounts, and assign numbers to each employee. If the employee leaves the company, the number stays with you so that you can re-assign it to a new employee.

To put everything in motion, simply ask your employees to download and install the Skype programs on their computers. You can invite each user to join your business control panel, and/or add each user manually in the “Add User” section of the business control panel. Once this is done, you can login to your control panel and allocate your Skype credits to everyone as you deem necessary. You will be able to track each employees spending and calling activity.

Using the Skype Business Control Panel is a very easy thing to do, and it is just one more way that Skype makes business communciations easier for the business owner and employees. If you need more assistance with the Business Control Panel, see the links below in the Resources section.