How to Edit or Complete Workflow Task in Outlook

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A workflow task on a Microsoft SharePoint Server 2007 site is a document that needs to be created, edited and completed by a group. It is uploaded to SharePoint where it is assigned to individuals as a task. Workflow tasks can be edited and completed in the Microsoft Office 2007 program that it was created in.

Workflow tasks can be created, edited and completed in Word, Excel or PowerPoint. To complete or edit a workflow task in one of the Office 2007 programs, open the document in the relevant program. The link to the document is listed in the notification you received from the creation of the workflow task. A message bar opens at the top of the document when it first opens. From the message bar, click the Edit this task button. Edit the information for the task in the form that appears. Other options such as reassigning the task and updating the status of the task are also available.

Each workflow task is customized to whatever instructions that are connected to the task. The ability to request more information from the workflow author is a way to be clear on what is to be done to complete the task. Microsoft Office 2007 gives the option to automatically request more information when editing the task.

You can also edit or complete a workflow task from Outlook 2007, even though it wasn’t the program that created the document. When the email task notification arrives, open the message. At the upper left portion of the message, notice the Edit this Task button. Click on it for the task form to appear. Edit or complete the task based on the requirements associated with it. Change the task information so that the task author is updated on the status of the workflow. Tasks can also be reassigned from Outlook if it is permitted by the task author.