Improve Brainstorming and Team Collaboration With These Expert Techniques and Ideas

Improve Brainstorming and Team Collaboration With These Expert Techniques and Ideas
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Brainstorming is the process of taking a group of individuals and having them try to come up with ideas or solve problems with creative thinking. Often, this includes creating lists of ideas that all individuals contribute. It’s a great way to think outside of the box, but it isn’t without its problems. Brainstorming doesn’t lend itself to the shy or the overly outspoken. Collaboration can suffer when individuals have clashing personalities. On top of that, brainstorming almost always demands a strong leader and specific techniques for success.

If you’ve never held a brainstorming session, or you’re looking for new techniques and tips on improving group collaboration, then simply choose one of the articles below to get started. You’ll find various techniques on how to be a strong leader, helpful rules for coaxing out ideas from shy team members, ways to visualize what brainstorming should achieve and even ways to identify a nonproductive team or team members.

Laying Ground Rules for Brainstorming Sessions

Before your group starts brainstorming, wouldn’t it be a great idea to make sure all members of your team are familiar with the ground rules? Learn how to accommodate individual styles, how to value a team member’s contributions and how to avoid seeming judgmental.

Learn the Most Important Part of Brainstorming

What makes brainstorming in groups so much better than expecting individuals to come up with ideas on their own? Explore the different steps that you can follow to create an ideal brainstorming session.

Effective Brainstorming Methods

There are as many brainstorming methods as there are people willing to brainstorm - unfortunately, not all of these methods work well for every group. Learn some of the most effective types of brainstorming methods, and how they can help you achieve your goals or solve your problems.

Ways to Use Brainstorming as a Team Building Tool

Brainstorming requires a certain amount of cooperation, a must-have when leading or working in a team of people. Use brainstorming to help garner teamwork in your workplace with these great ideas.

Brainstorming Techniques for Project Managers

When ideas begin to stagnate, sometimes all you need is a quick jumpstart from a brainstorming session. If you’re a project manager looking for some great ideas to help you get started, this is where you’ll find different techniques to help kick off a productive brainstorming session.

Diagram of the Brainstorming Process

For those of you looking for a visual aid to help with the brainstorming process, you’ll be happy to know that there is a diagram that can help you get started with the creative thinking process. This is a great way to help you visualize what needs to be done in your next group brainstorming session, and it even includes helpful tips to follow from the beginning until the end.

Examples of Brainstorming Business Processes

When you have a specific problem, it might call for a specific type of thinking to solve it. The same goes for brainstorming, as not all techniques will work for every group or every project. Learn some techniques of brainstorming business processes that can help you solve those difficult problems by thinking in different ways.

Group Exercises to Improve Collaboration

Collaboration isn’t something that simply exists in most groups; like most skills, collaboration must be practiced in order for it to be beneficial. By trying out these exercises, you can strengthen team cooperation and foster productivity, both of which are vital to any project.

Foster Collaboration with Great Communication!

**Body Language is Important To Communication**

One of the most important factors to being able to collaborate with others is being able to communicate well with a variety of different people. Here you’ll learn how you can communicate well through tone and body language, as well as ways to improve your verbal communication.

Avoiding Demotivational Teamwork

Not every group is going to work together well, and often you can trace the problems back to some sort of demotivator. These can be anything from poor communication, individuals who do not work well as team players, or people unwilling to follow through with something agreed upon earlier. Learn how to recognize and avoid these team demotivators and get your group projects back on track.

Characteristics of Effective Collaboration

What are the characteristics of a group that works together and is productive? How do these characteristics lead to increased productivity and creative thinking? By learning the tell-tale signs of a group that works well together, you can help encourage these behaviors in team members.

Strategies for Building Effective Teamwork

Teamwork isn’t something that simply happens, but rather encouraged and practiced among individual members in a team. This includes choosing competent project managers and hard-working team members, encouraging good communication, and a desire to work as a team. Learning some starter strategies can help you to create a more cohesive flow of communication and increased productivity.

Project Management Anecdotes: When Teamwork Triumphs (or Fails)

Anecdotes are a surprisingly powerful tool that can help encourage successful teamwork. Anecdotes can help give team members something to think about, such as why ordinary people were able to overcome seemingly insurmountable odds through teamwork. By telling one of these great teamwork anecdotes, you can help your team members to realize just how useful teamwork really can be.

Meeting Goals with Team Slogans

Being able to bring a little fun and team spirit to the table can work wonders when it comes to any kind of collaborative effort, be it in sports, be it in schools, or even in the work place. By creating a team slogan, you can help foster pride in your team, as well as have fun by coming up with something silly before you get started in the work place. Follow these tips to help design a great team slogan and get your project started off right.

Inspire Better Teamwork with Quotes About Collaboration

Sometimes it’s nice to open a team meeting with a few inspirational quotes, especially ones that pertain to the task you’re about to undertake. By providing fantastic quotes on collaboration, you can help stress the importance of teamwork, as well as give people a new perspective on what it means to work together in a group.