Ways To Use Brainstorming As A Team Building Tool

Ways To Use Brainstorming As A Team Building Tool
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In order for brainstorming to work in a company, there has to be certain aspects in place; cohesion is the end result. Team building results, when several minds share their thoughts in the hopes that they can come to some common conclusion, or reach a common goal. Brainstorming is a great way to start that process.

Getting your employees comfortable is a key step in the process. Have a meeting in a casual atmosphere, where people are free to sit in their own arrangement. Don’t allow seating charts, and allow them to relax without a main structure to the meeting, to allows your team to relax and to start thinking creatively with brainstorming sessions. Use brainstorming as a team building tool in your business on a regular basis to instill the best success. A brainstorming session can really help to boost morale, too.

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Get The Group Relaxed


Encouraging brainstorming may take a bit of coaxing. Sometimes fun things start the ball rolling. Try games or word association types, to loosen people up. Stress is a major part of the blocks that are present when brainstorming sessions are not possible.

Refreshments always help to relax workers so donuts and soft drinks may be on the agenda. Another great way to get people to relax is through laughter. Showing a funny video clip may do the trick. The point is to allow people to relax, not have more stress.

Once the workers feel relaxed, they will feel more able to discuss what they feel without being reprimanded for their opinions. This is especially important so that they are better able to voice what they have to say–within reason.

It is a good idea to tape record the session so that all ideas presented can be heard again. Take notes, too. You want to remember the different things that come up in a brainstorming session, because they can be truly valuable. Sometimes the simplest thing that was said is the solution to a very intricate problem.

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Team Building Success From Brainstorming Sessions

Brainstorming can be used as a team building tool because once you have the group relaxed they will begin to communicate with each other more. Since they are communicating, they will learn more about each other and this will make them work better together.

After a good brainstroming session, the need to work as a team is formed. They will help each other more, and work towards common goals. When a team is together in a brainstorming session, they are usually in close proximity to each other. They begin to talk to each other, learning more and more about the person that they deal with on a daily basis. Since they know they will be dealing with each other more and more, there becomes a better understanding of the need to work together, to communicate, and to care about the welfare of each other and the company.

Team building is a necessity in a company to forge a positive atmosphere for workers. Without it nothing can get done. Since names and a background about each employee should be given during the brainstorming session, everyone gets to know each other better. This creates a great environment for sharing and team building.

Brainstorming Should Be Used Frequently

Brainstorming should be used frequently in any type of business. It will help to get the people that work together to understand each other better.

When using brainstorming as a tool for team building, it is important that it be done on a regular basis, and that the results are recorded. Having these sessions on a regular basis will help build cohesiveness in the unit.

Since there are very many different personalities in a company, brainstorming can help facilitate the ability for all of these people to get along in a comfortable and relaxed setting. Since people can talk openly and freely in a session, they communicate better with each other. This can also help to air differences and therefore solve problems before they become bigger ones. By using the brainstorming session to allow the workers to speak their minds, managers and subordinates may be able to solve their differences.

Using brainstorming is effective. For many companies it is a regular part of the work week. They use these sessions to get ideas, to boost morale, to help employees and managers to work better together, and to help everyone in the company to understand their goals, and give ideas on how to reach them.

Closing Thoughts


Brainstorming is a key ingredient to a healthy work environment. It can make a huge difference in the problem solving techniques that are used in coming to conclusions to extract a common goal. Use brainstorming as tool for team building in your company. Try using other team building activities to enhance creativity, too.

Use brainstorming to creatively get your employees to give great input and therefore come to better solutions in the workplace. Without brainstorming, there might always be the same answer to every problem, whereas a great solution might just come about during a brainstorming session.


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