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The Office Collaboration & Messaging channel at is designed to help any size business work from virtually anywhere. Find the latest technology information and tips for creating a virtual office. Exchange calendars, spreadsheets, presentations, and project management tasks among multiple locations, employees, contractors and clients.Read in-depth and honest virtual office software reviews and tips on using messaging and other office collaboration tools. Managing editor Michele McDonough and her team of professional writers and business men and women offer advice and tips designed to bring your office productivity to new heights, even if your office is in your own living room.

Wikis OR Portals? No! Wikis AND Portals

Many companies have a portal or a wiki, but not both. Why not? What scenarios are portals better than wikis for? When are wikis better to use than portal? This article aims to help show you how portals and wikis can co-exist in an organization and are both useful tools in their own right.

Drive Collaboration with a Company Portal

While digital culture has become increasingly important for businesses, those same organizations understand the importance of ensuring employees feel like part of a larger team. Those connections empower people to do their best work. Here are some tips on employing a company portal in your business.

Quick Quiz: Find Out Your Historical Collaboration Quotient

Collaborations have had an impact on history that would not have happened without joint efforts. Collaborations take place on many levels – between multiple people, companies, countries – and the world. What do you know about these historical collaborations? Take our quick quiz and see.

Test Your Knowledge of Email History

So you can process a hundred different emails into specific folders, ensuring each is responded to in a timely manner – but can you answer a few fun questions about how the process of communications over the Internet began and how it became so sophisticated?

A Remote Virtual Team Managment Guide

Virtual teams present interesting challenges to any project, and it’s important as a leader to be prepared to handle these challenges as they come up. Here we’ve assembled a guide to managing remote virtual teams for you and your team’s benefit.