What Are College Majors that can Lead to a Career after Four Years?

What Are College Majors that can Lead to a Career after Four Years?
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The path between high school and college is a looming one for those that have recently graduated. A big step for all high school juniors and seniors is deciding what path they want to take in life and that usually means choosing a major in which will help them accomplish this. However, many guidance counselors state there is a difference between choosing a major and choosing a career, which many do in picking their major.

There are many students who know what they want to do in life and choose a major accordingly and there of course certain types of careers in which a major is job specific, such as being a doctor or nurse or a biological or chemical engineer. For many students, choosing a major also means getting into a career. In this article, we’ll discuss college majors that can lead to a career after four years, including popular majors and professions and careers that are set to continue to grow in the upcoming years.

Majors That Can Lead to a Career after Four Years

Possibly the most important thing that students should know about majors that can lead to a career after four years is that just about

every major can lead to a career, depending on the skills and courses that a student has taken and those that can be applied to a certain field of choice. In fact, most advisors will tell you that your college major, unless in a specialized degree, won’t actually relate to your career once you leave college.

As expected, the top careers are those within a business profession, such as administration and management, careers in health care, education, and the sciences. The top jobs for the future are most based within health care and technology, so choosing majors based on those, such as nursing or computer information systems are helpful.


Of course majoring in business will most certainly lead to a career pertaining to business. As noted from above, those majors dealing directly with business happen to be part of a list of top careers. There are several different paths within business, such as business administration and business information systems, well as pursuing any paths within business in general.


Along with business, careers in technology have been on the rise in the last few years. Majoring in Computer Information Systems can lead to a variety of different careers, such as programming, web design, computer technician, and more.


As with technology, healthcare is another one of those top careers of the future, however it is also one the more demanding types of majors, as well as careers. But there are plenty of different paths within health other than being a doctor or a nurse; there are paths to emergency medical technician, patient care tech, and others.

Each major has a different path in which a student can follow that can lead to a career after they graduate. But again, it’s also important to understand that choosing a major does not mean that you are choosing a career; for most students, they’re chosen careers have nothing to do with what they majored in for college, so don’t try and major in something that you feel will lead you to a career; just major in something that you will enjoy.

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