Why Job Change is Good - 10 Reasons For Switching Careers in Any Economic Climate

Why Job Change is Good - 10 Reasons For Switching Careers in Any Economic Climate
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A Change Will Do You Good

The Great Recession of 2007 caused a huge downturn for those who were employed or hoping to be employed. In the United States, the unemployment rate hovers at a very high 9.2% and the high unemployment rate has not only scared the unemployed, but the currently employed, and even employers.

But it is not unusual for employees to want a change of jobs, whether it may for life changes, career changes, burnout, or other things, charging jobs can actually be good for you. Here are 10 reasons why job change is good.

10 Reasons Why Job Change is Good

  1. Job Outlook is Worse - In these hard economic times, more and more employees are finding that their hours or pay is being

    reduced due to the slow growth of the economy. When the job that had been stable and provided for you (or your family) can no longer do so, changing jobs may be more beneficial.

  2. Job Burnout - Everyone has those days when they just don’t feel like going to work, but when those days become every day, then there is a problem. Job burnout is when the very thought of your work sends you into convulsions, whether it’s going to work, being at work, or actually working at work, it may be time to look elsewhere.

  3. Job is No Longer Challenging - A part of the second reason is that work is rather…boring. If you’re daydreaming more than actually working, then you should seek more challenging work.

  4. Your Life Has Changed - The job you had when you were single may not or does not help finances now that you are married and with children. It may be something as moving from part time status to full or to finding a job that will include insurance coverage.

  5. School/Career Change - The last few years of economic turmoil have seen many of those that were laid off from work re-invent themselves by going back to school or by switching careers completely. This is a benefit as going back to school allows for an update on skills that you may not have or need updating and career change may be turning that hobby into an actual profession.

  6. Change of Environment - Where you work is just as important as when and which employers you work for. For many people, job changes take them from their hometowns to other cities, states, and even countries. A change of environment can be rejuvenating to someone who needs it.

  7. Loss of Job - It goes without saying that losing one’s job is usually a pretty good reason to change jobs, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you need to stick with the same position. As noted, many people who lost their jobs in recent years have gone to remake themselves in new positions and careers.

  8. Better Opportunities - Though it may seem as if employment has shriveled up, there are still jobs out there that will probably give you better opportunities than what you currently have. The job outlook for several professions is going to be improving and they will be looking for employees.

  9. Job Enrichment - When you’re happy, your work will reflect that. If you aren’t happy, you’re work reflects that too. If your current position doesn’t give you that, a change will do you good.

  10. The Changing Employment Outlook - For all the reasons mentioned, the Internet has given rise to a new type of worker, as has the economic climate. There’s the self-employed/freelancers, telecommuters, etc. All of the above can be attributed to this reason.

So is it time for you to quit your current job? That’s truly up to you, but the important thing is not that you can quit your job, but whether or not you should. If the fear of changing jobs is keeping you from finding better and more rewarding employment, take stock of how staying in your current position benefits you or doesn’t.

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