Job Prospects for College Students in Current Economy – Get a Job with the Right Skills, Attitude and Resume

Job Prospects for College Students in Current Economy – Get a Job with the Right Skills, Attitude and Resume
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What are the Job Prospects for College Students in the Current Economy?

Are you a college student in need of a job? Drive your job search toward success with a solid plan. Don’t let the job prospects for college students in current economy situations dampen your motivation. Discipline, clear focus and effective job tools and search methods create a strong recipe for you to land work. Check out these tips and transform your job dreams into a reality.


Identify Your Aptitude and Interest: Discover your aptitude and passion in the junior year, if not earlier, at college. Why should you do so? When you know what career you wish to pursue upfront, you can create a successful blueprint for your education. Remember, the gage of your strengths lays a bright path for you to get the most of the four years in college. Such a strategy gives you the edge to get a job while in college and after you graduate.

Explore Other Fields: Research studies have shown that those who work in their field of ability and interest excel in their career. The job prospects for college students in current economy climates, however, may not be great in your chosen area. So, checkout jobs that falls outside of your interest radar too. That way you can not only earn money, but also gain valuable experience. It makes your resume rich.

Build a Positive Attitude: If your college student job demands, for example, for you to work in rotation in various departments, accept it. Or, the job may require you to work in different shifts on certain days of the week. Say “Yes” to the job terms, unless you’ve a strong reason to say “No.” Look, in today’s struggling economy, supply outstrips demand. It’s to your advantage to launch your job search with a positive and non-rigid attitude.

Network to Find a Job: The career services center should be the first point in your contact network. Such an office is a great resource for info and tips on student jobs. Check if your university alumni can help you in your job search. Network with your friends and classmates who have jobs and who can alert you toopportunities in their companies.

Prepare a Strong Resume: Here are tips to build a strong student resume:

First, list courses you’ve taken so far that have a strong fit with the job. Second, include info about your project work and term papers that relates to the job. Third, list your computer skills. Remember to include only those of such skills that are relevant to the position. Fourth, include all of your work experience, even if it’s voluntary work. Rather than just give the job duties, include accomplishments wherever possible. Fifth, list any training or certifications related to the job needs. Add your student membership in professional associations.

Here’s a resume secret: The more you tailor your resume to the job needs, the higher are the chances of your success. When you customize your resume, make info that fulfills the needs of the position quickly visible. For example, if the job requires advance skills in Excel, prioritize that info in the Computer Skills section.

Gain Work Experience: As a student, how do you get out of the vicious cycle of “no job without experience, no experience without job?” Strive to get an on- or off-campus job. Even it offers minimum wage, the job is an excellent opportunity to gain hands-on skills. Whether you work as a tutor in college, a summer intern or a ski instructor, the experience you gain strengthens your resume.

Apply for a Temp or a Seasonal Job: Temp jobs give you much freedom to choose the work and hours of your choice. Many temp positions offer a good pay and host of benefits. If you perform well, the company might extend the contract. Your employer may even open the doors for you for a permanent position.

Seasonal jobs are in plenty during Christmas. Big retail stores like Macy’s and Walmart are the main employers. Visit the websites of seasonal employers to see what jobs are available and if you can apply online.

Leverage the Web: It has plenty of resources that cater to the job needs of college students and recent graduates. Google with key phrases like “college student jobs”, “temp jobs”, “seasonal jobs” or “summer internship” to find jobs info.

Visit sites like,, for student jobs. For such positions at the Federal level, visit

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