Creating a Professional Writers Resume

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Creating a professional writers resume can be a very daunting task for those who have never created one. They are different from regular resumes and should showcase your writing talents, experiences, and act as a brief portfolio. Knowing what goes into it and how to present the information will show potential clients exactly what the writer can do.

Contact Information

To begin, open a new word processor document. Now, center the cursor at the top of this new document. Throughout the resume use Times New Roman font at 12 point. For the contact information area, bold the text. Now enter the following information as follows:

The Writer’s Full Legal Name

Pen Name if the Writer Uses One

Street Address


Phone Number

Primary Email Address

2nd Email Address if Applicable

Published Libraries of Content

From here on out, the writer will only use a bolded font in the headers. It is best to use at least two to three published libraries of content so potential clients can fully assess the writer’s talents and skills. If the writer has only or primarily done print work, they can either find their print articles in an online archive for that publisher, or include some samples in APA format and attach some clips to their resume. Example:

  • BrightHub: (insert link to writer’s profile here)
  • New York Times: (insert link to writer’s profile here)
  • AOLHealth: (insert link to writer’s profile here)

Ideally, every writer should include no less than two links and no more than six. Use bullets.

Writing Experience

Ideally, this section is a single, yet solid, paragraph summing up the writer’s experience and learned skills. Example:

Three years of writing experience creating high-quality articles in (insert industries here – i.e. online, print, academics or technical). I have written on several different topics including (insert them here). I am highly proficient in English (also insert other fluencies), search engine optimization, research, AP style, and journalistic technique.

Writing Experience

Here is where the writer will list and describe all past writing jobs and assignments. Here is a quick example of how to document each job or assignment:

AOLHealth: I have been producing high quality content for AOLHealth since March 2010. Since then, I have written 22 articles focused on quality, accuracy, and searchability centered around health and wellness, diseases and conditions, drugs and medications, and medical procedures.

List all jobs starting with the writer’s first job. This is essential because the client or employer will see that the writer has “staying power” when they see they have been with a client, or several, for a year or more and is still going strong.

Computer and Technical Skills

Writers need to have basic computer and technical skills to get the job done. Here is an example:

I am proficient in all OpenOffice and Microsoft applications. I am an expert in internet research, can type 140 words per minute and am highly familiar with both MAC and PC platforms.

In this section, writers should also list the computer programs they are proficient with, such as Photoshop, and other software that may come in handy during their career.

Additional Skills

This section is where the writer can slightly brag and list those skills that are crucial to success, but often overlooked by writers when creating a professional writer’s resume. Here is an example:

My additional skills include running my own business, strong flexibility and discipline, and management knowledge and skills.


Here is where the writer will list their education history. Here is an example:

  • Bachelor’s degree in sociology completed in November of 2009 at Ashford University
  • Certificate in environmental science and conservation completed in October of 2010 at Ohio State University

Employment History

List the employers relevant to what you plan to write about. For example, if you were once a nurse and are applying for a job as a medical writer, your nursing experience is relevant. Here is a sample: Use bullets.

  • The Cleveland Clinic. Dates Employed: August 2008 through September 2010. Job Description: Oncology Nurse.


If the writer has won any awards pertaining to writing or in the field they plan to write about, they should list them here. Use bullets. Here is an example:

  • 2nd place article on The Psychology of Serial Killers (insert a link if possible)