How to Write a Relocation Cover Letter and a Free Relocation Letter Sample

How to Write a Relocation Cover Letter and a Free Relocation Letter Sample
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Cover Letter Basics

Any cover letter should touch upon three key points. You should open the letter with your reason for writing it. For example, if you saw a listing for a specific position in a newspaper advertisement or an online job board, mention this as the cause for your letter. If a mutual acquaintance referred you, state this as well. Even if you are simply sending an unsolicited resume, your letter of inquiry should note why you have an interest in the company to which you are applying.

The second piece of information your cover letter should include is an outline of what you can offer the employer. Bullet points that highlight your recent outstanding achievements and skills that are pertinent to the job or field are ideal. Be concise and put your best foot forward.

Finally, you should conclude the cover letter with a word of thanks for the hiring manager’s time and a request or statement regarding a follow-up phone call.

While you should certainly include all of this information in a relocation cover letter, there are other elements to mention as well.

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Your Reasons for Relocating

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It is a good idea to include a brief explanation about why you are moving to the new location in your relocation cover letter. This is particularly true if your reasons are positive ones and they point to you staying in the area indefinitely. For instance, perhaps your spouse was promoted, which means moving your family to the location of his corporate offices. Likewise, it is worth mentioning if your spouse or partner is in the military and has been assigned to that location, especially if it is a long-term assignment. Other reasons you may want to include are that you are moving closer to family members or getting married and moving to your new spouse’s hometown. Provide a specific date as of which you will be available, if at all possible.

You might not want to mention your reasons if they somehow cast you in a bad light. The employment situation in your current area may be less than optimal and perhaps you were laid off from your last two or three positions. While the situation may have had nothing to do with your performance, stating that you want to move because you keep experiencing layoffs and cannot find a new job there may cause the potential employer to question your performance.

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Why You?


The company to which you are applying could hire someone in their local vicinity without the worry of extra time and logistical issues. Your relocation cover letter must make a strong case regarding why the potential employer would benefit from hiring you over a local candidate. Your resume should be very convincing as well, but you must entice the employer to read it with substantial, persuasive references to your qualifications.

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Will It Cost Them?

Money in Hand

If the business to which you are applying did not initially seek you out and request your resume, it is fair to presume that you will not expect them to pay for your relocation. Unless you have skills and experience that are absolutely unique and in demand, you should note in your relocation cover letter that you will incur any expenses required for you to move to the area.

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Sample Relocation Cover Letter

Using a sample template allows you to save time and still create a custom cover letter. Here is a free relocation cover letter you can download to any version of Microsoft Word. Simply click the download link below and then click on the Download button on the template page. The file will open as a new Word document. Enter your contact information as well as the recipients. Be sure to customize the letter with the job title you seek, the name of the site or publication in which you learned of the position and so on. When you are done, be sure to save the file on your computer and print it or email it as needed.

Download link page: Sample Relocation Letter MS Word Template