What are the Best Jobs for Introverts? Part 1 of 2

What are the Best Jobs for Introverts?  Part 1 of 2
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What Are the Best Jobs for Introverts?

Introverts are reserved and less outspoken people whose energy expands through reflection and dwindles during interaction. They remain more at ease doing solitary activities such as reading, writing, drawing, tinkering, using computers, fishing, and the like.

The best jobs for introverts are back office and desk jobs that do not require much contact with people. Such jobs with maximum growth prospects include accounting jobs, information technology jobs, writing jobs, select jobs in health care, and research analyst jobs.

Accounting Jobs

Accountants prepare, analyze, and verify financial documents such as balance sheets, profit and loss statements, budgets, and other schedules. Such jobs entail number-crunching in isolation, making it the most common and popular job for introverts.

High-growing and top-paying accounting jobs best suited for introverts include:

  • Public Accountants: Public accountants undertake various accounting, auditing, tax, and consulting activities for their corporate and individual clients. A fast-growing specialization for public accountants is forensic accounting or investigating of white-collar crimes such as securities fraud, embezzlement, bankruptcies, and contract disputes. A knowledge of computer forensics with a professional accounting qualification offers the best job prospects for the introvert.
  • Management Accountants: Management accountants record and analyze financial information, prepare budgets, evaluate performance based on budgets, and undertake cost management and asset management exercises for companies.
  • Internal Auditors: Internal auditors, like management accountants, work for companies. They study the organization’s financial and information systems, procedures, and controls to check for mismanagement, waste, or fraud. They also verify the effectiveness of the company’s processes and compliance with corporate policies and government regulations in financial terms.
  • Government Accountants and Auditors: Government accountants employed by the state maintain and examine financial records of government establishments and agencies; they audit financial records of private businesses and individuals subject to government regulations or taxation.

Most accounting jobs require graduation and professional qualifications. Most public accounts are Certified Public Accountants (CPA).

Accountants and auditors had a median annual salary of $59,430 in May 2008, with the employment outlook poised for a growth of 22 percent in the decade.

Actuaries: A closely related occupation to accountants is the actuary, who works in the insurance industry to combine his knowledge of statistics, finance, and business to assess the risk of events occurring and thereby help create policies. The job requires considerable skills, a basic graduate degree, and professional certification. Median annual wages of actuaries were $84,810 in May 2008, with jobs expected to increase by 21 percent over the next decade.

Information Technology Jobs

Information Technology jobs such as software engineers, computer systems analysts, and database administrators work independently and usually in isolation, making such jobs rank among the best jobs for introverts.

  • Software engineers apply the theories and principles of computer science and mathematical analysis to create, test, and evaluate software applications and systems such as business applications, computer games, operating systems, network control systems, and the like.
  • Systems analysts provide advice to businesses and other organizations on the most appropriate software and hardware suited to their needs and integrate the two.
  • Database administrators oversee storage and management of electronic data in establishments. They identify user needs, set up computer databases, install security measures, provide backups, and ensure system performance at desired levels

Employment in information technology jobs depends more on experience and skills than qualifications, but most employers nevertheless prefer applicants who have at least a relevant degree that includes computer sciences, mathematics, and some knowledge of the functional area of expertise.

Average salary in May 2008 was $85,430 for software engineers, $78,830 for computer systems analysts, and $72,900 for database administrators. Employment growth of computer software engineers and computer programmers is set to increase by 21 percent from 2008 to 2018.

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Writing Jobs

Writing and editing that require minimal interaction with other people remain one of the best jobs for introverts.

Jobs in writing extend to:

  • news writers who write features and articles for newspapers
  • columnists who write about people, places, and things
  • editorial writers who write how they feel about something
  • technical writers who give instructions on how to use a machine or how to do something
  • copy writers who write ads
  • medical writers who document manuals, prepare literature on drugs, and perform other writing tasks related to the health care industry

Editors plan the contents, assigns topics to writers, review the submitted work, make necessary corrections, and change the style to suit the intended audience.

The key to a successful writing job is excellent writing skills, best established by developing a portfolio. A basic degree in literature or language helps but is neither essential nor a factor for success.

Writers earned average yearly wages of $64,560, and editors earned an average yearly wage of $57,180 in May 2008. The growth rate mirrors the average growth rate for all occupations.

Health Care Jobs

Best Jobs for Introverts

Health Care ranks amongst the best career for the future. Certain health care jobs such as compounding pharmacists, surgeons, and biomedical engineering technicians entail independent work requiring minimal interaction with others, and they rank amongst the best jobs for introverts.


The major duties of pharmacists include:

  • compounding, or mixing of ingredients to form medications
  • distribution of prescription drugs to patients
  • providing advice to patients, physicians, and other health practitioners on the selection, dosages, interactions, and side effects of medications

The eligibility requirements for pharmacists include a Pharm.D. degree and a license. Median annual wages in May 2008 were $106,410, and employment growth rate for the decade is 17 percent.


Surgeons specialize in the treatment of injury, disease, and deformity through operations. They typically work with only a limited number of people, including nurses, other doctors, and medical technicians, making it a good job for introverts.

Getting a job as a surgeon is, however, tough and requires many years of experience. The basic qualification includes a medical degree from an accredited medical school and passing the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE).

Surgeons rank among the overall top-paying job with a national average salary of $240,000 to $360,000. Physician and surgeon jobs also enjoy a high decadal growth rate of 22 percent.

Biomedical Engineering Technicians

Biomedical engineering technicians apply the principles and theories of science, engineering, and mathematics to solve technical problems related to medical equipment and other products. The nature of work includes research and development, quality control, inspecting products and processes, conducting tests, and data collection.

Median annual wages for engineering technicians were $53,240 in May 2008. Although the employment growth rate of engineering technicians is lower than the national average, biomedical engineering technicians enjoy a comparatively higher growth rate owing to the high growth rate within the medical field.

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Research Analysis Jobs

Research analysts formulate and apply mathematical modeling methods to develop and interpret information that drives policy formulation and other management functions. Operations research analysts apply analytical information to help improve quality of decision making and problem solving. Marketing research analysts provide information on target markets and help develop products and pricing best accepted by the customer.

Basic qualification for research analyst jobs include a bachelor’s degree including extensive coursework in mathematics and other quantitative subjects. Many employers, however, require a Master’s degree in operations research, management science, or related fields.

Median annual wages of operations research analysts were $69,000 in May 2008, with employment expected to grow 22 percent between 2008 and 2018.


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