Using Twitter: Job Search Opportunities and How to Make Them a Success

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Clean Up Your Tweets

The primary mistake most job hunters make is desperation. Tweeting out public pleas for help is unlikely to earn you a job. Instead, tweet out things that are likely to impress potential employers. Keep your tweets clean, humorous, authoritative, non-political and responsible. Don’t tweet anything you would not want a potential employer to know under your real name or job-hunting name. Use an alias to tweet out anatomical descriptions of the stripper at last night’s bachelor party or post a picture of the tattoo you got in a Mexican prison after you were caught trying to smuggle drugs when you were 20.

Assume, correctly, that any potential employer you hook up with on Twitter will read everything you’ve tweeted before offering a job. In this economy there are often thousands of candidates for every position, and employers are using information gathered from social sites to weed out party animals, slackers, negative attitudes and morons. Before, during and after a Twitter job search, tweet responsibly.

Use Your Page

Make your Twitter profile page employer-friendly by making your bio a 160 character job pitch. It’s not much space, so stick with who you are and what you’re looking for. Something like “Qualified, experienced IT professional seeking a job at an innovative company in the New York area. Ask me what I can bring to your table” defines what you’re looking for and shows enthusiasm and a positive attitude - all within the character limit. Add a link to an online resume to round out your Twitter job search pitch. Customize your Twitter background to add detail to your qualifications and expand on who you are.

Twitter Job Search Postings

Many companies are using Twitter to advertise available jobs. Here are some examples of general Twitter job search accounts that connect employers to job seekers:

  • @JobAngels – Helping the unemployed find jobs
  • @jobsearch - Affiliated with AOL’s
  • @indeed – One search. All jobs.
  • @hiring24x7 - Welcome! We hire people!
  • @jobshouts – General job postings
  • @Project4Hire – Freelance and temporary jobs
  • @freelance_jobs – Freelance jobs
  • @simplyhired – Job search site
  • @StartUpHire – Jobs at VC backed companies
  • @twithire – Job board service


The best way to conduct a successful Twitter job search is by networking. Find other people in the same field and connect with them, especially those who work at companies you’re interested in. If possible, build relationships and establish yourself as knowledgeable and helpful before the time comes to find a job. Engage in, or start, industry-related chats to tweet out news and information, and offer advice. This type of behavior goes a long way to build a personal brand and establish a professional reputation. It’s ok, and in fact better, to be yourself and be fun and personable, as long as you keep your tweets appropriate. After you’ve established yourself and made some contacts in your chosen field, start putting out feelers. Don’t make it every post, just tweet out that you’re searching for a job, answer questions that come your way, follow up on tips and tweet your experiences and frustrations in a positive light.