What Jobs Can You Get to Work With Kids?

What Jobs Can You Get to Work With Kids?
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Do You Want to Work With Children?

If you have always been a popular babysitter because the kids just love it when you come over or you find yourself drawn to engaging little children in conversation, you may be a great candidate for jobs that involve working with kids.

Kinds of Jobs that Work With Kids

Take a look a few of the following ideas for the kinds of jobs that work with kids.


This might be a bit predictable but children have to be taught and they all go to school. You can look into getting training to become a teacher and focus on the age group that appeals to you, or maybe you want to focus on children with special needs. You can find jobs within the public or private school system and you can even give classes to students during the holidays as well.

Child Care

If you were the most referred babysitter in high school you may be able to turn this venture into a home business. Starting up a child daycare center means you not only get to be around children for the entire day, but you also get to work from home and bring in money from doing something you really enjoy.

To start a legitimate daycare you would need to register as a business and make sure that you have enough space to accommodate the number of children you plan to accept. You also need to have the parents sign contracts to agree on the price and any late fees that may be incurred from leaving their kids at your home way into the night. It is important to always treat your business with the seriousness it deserves even though it is something that you love to do to avoid being taken advantage of.

Face Painting or Other Form of Entertainment

If you want to be around children but you also want to enjoy a bit of freedom and comes from doing a job that is more unconventional and on a freelance basis you can look into providing entertainment for children’s parties. You can offer your services to event planners or you can set up your own event planning company that specializes in children’s parties and celebrations. Some of these entertainment options include face painting, puppeteer or even a clown.


For a far more serious type of job but one that still deals with kids on a daily basis you can consider becoming a pediatrician. This type of doctor specializes in treating children but of course this means that you must complete your degree in Medicine and then go on to specialize in Pediatrics which can take several years and a lot of money. If neither of these factors is a deterrent and you want to get into medicine then this could well be the career for you.

Working With Children

Although these jobs all have one thing in common, they will not all be suitable for anyone who is looking for a job that deals with children. There are many options for working with kids but you need to narrow down your choice of jobs based on the other factors as well.

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