Having Trouble Figuring Out How to Ask for a Job Promotion - Find Your Solution Here

Having Trouble Figuring Out How to Ask for a Job Promotion - Find Your Solution Here
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So…You Want to Move up in the Ranks?

If you’ve been at your job for a little while, or even if you haven’t but you’re motivated, you may be contemplating what moving up in the company might mean for you. While sometimes your boss may promote you on her own accord, sometimes you have to ask for what you really want.

It can be difficult to figure out just how to ask for a job promotion. Before even approaching your boss, it is good to understand why you want the promotion. Do you want more money or do you want more responsibility? Where do you see yourself in the company in five years? Are you willing to walk away from your current position if you are not granted a raise? Are you simply bored with your current position? Figuring out your motivations and commitments will help you to determine how to ask for a job promotion.

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Prepare for the Meeting Before Asking for the Meeting

If you are hoping to receive a promotion, you will want to prepare before you even ask for the meeting. One thing you should do is acquire copies of any performance reviews you have received in your current position. Also, if you’ve had a less than stellar attendance record, or you are often late, make an effort to get to work at least on time if not early, so that your boss can see that you are making an effort. Make sure you gather any documents supporting your success in your current position. Find every reason you can to demonstrate to your boss that you can handle greater responsibilities.

Keep Your Head Up

When asking for a promotion, it is NOT the time to complain about your current position! This can and will get back to your boss. Also, please be very wary of what you post on social networking forums. Many a person has posted that they hate their job, a client, or a coworker to have this come back and bite them. I’d also suggest not posting suggestive or compromising photos of yourself online. Remember, your boss can see it. If it’s not something you would show your boss in the office, you probably don’t want to post it online for your boss to see.

Also, you’ll want to try and refrain from participating in office gossip circles. This can be detrimental as well, especially if it gets around that you were gossiping about others. Finally, make sure that you are seen as someone who is positive. Dale Carnegie said you should never complain, criticize or condemn others if you want to have friends and influence others. This also applies to the office.

If You Want a Promotion, Dress the Part

This doesn’t just mean dressing like those in the position you want dress. This also means that if you want a promotion, you should act as if you already have that promotion. Start talking to the people in that department. Don’t take an extra thirty minutes on your lunch even if no one would notice. Try to solve client and customer problems in a cordial way - you may have to do this in your promotion, so you will want to keep them happy and demonstrate that you are good with people.

Make an Appointment to “Pop the Question”

By making an appointment to see your boss and by being well prepared before the meeting, you will increase the likelihood that you will get the promotion you desire. When you go in to meet with her, be sure to be dressed for the job you want - not for the job that you have. Present your supporting materials to her. Most of all, thank her for her time, no matter what the decision might be.

Good luck!