Top 10 Computer Technology Careers: Match Your Skills With Your Interests

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For someone with a background in computer technology, there are a lot of opportunities in computer technology careers waiting for them out there. With most businesses heavily relying on technology and computers these days, the opportunities in computer technology careers are almost endless. Here are some of the best career options for people who each have a background in computer technology.

Programming is one of the most popular and lucrative careers that a person with a computer technology background can get into. It covers a lot of fields like commercial desktop software applications, custom business solutions, database development, web development and computer games. The field of gaming alone offers a lot of possibilities that involve mobile gaming, console gaming, online gaming and desktop computer gaming.

Software Engineer

This is a sub-group of computer programmers. Software engineers mostly deal with programming desktop applications or customized business solutions. They are highly valued by companies because the outcome of the product does not only rely on the how the programmers are familiar with programming languages. Computer software are products of software engineers’ unique problem solving skills and creativity.

Database Administrator

Someone who has skills in managing and administrating database systems can build careers around these skills. Database administration is an important role in businesses, especially those that rely on information and data to conduct their business.

Computer Technician

This career involves network administration, troubleshooting and engineering. One needs to have an extensive knowledge in computer hardware and software in order to be successful in this career path.

Graphic Designer

Graphic doesn’t just require knowledge and experience in using image editing applications. One also needs to have a good sense of style and great design skills to become a successful graphic designer. Multimedia firms, advertising agencies and the marketing department of different companies are always on the lookout for good graphic designers.

Computer Hardware Engineer

This career involves the actual manufacturing of computer parts, including the programming of the software that is built-in inside computer chips. It involves knowledge in electronics and computing, and it requires a great understanding of what consumers want and need.


This computer technology career requires skills in several fields like web development, graphic design and network administration. Webmasters may be assigned to program the backend of a website, design the frontend of the website, manage the website, administer the network that hosts the website, or any or all of the above.

IT Security

People in this career path deal with securing and protecting computer systems and entire computer networks from attacks and malicious acts that may compromise data and information.

Computer Support Specialist

This field of computer technology careers involves technical knowledge and the ability to handle clients’ concerns and complaints. Computer support specialist need to be sharp, friendly and good in troubleshooting technical problems to keep their clients happy.

Software Tester

Software testers act as quality assurance for software applications. They work with software engineers in determining bugs and errors in software applications before it is released to their clients or the public.

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