Career Tips: How to Turn Down a Job Offer After Acceptance

Career Tips: How to Turn Down a Job Offer After Acceptance
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The Prompt and Professional Way

Have you been in a situation where you have already accepted a job and then for whatever reason or unavoidable circumstances, you need to back out? Simply ignoring the company who just hired you and not sending them proper notification about your decision can cause harm to your credibility. You need to inform them about your decision right away to give them time to hire someone else. Here are some tips on how to turn down a job offer after acceptance and avoid burning bridges along the way:


This is one of the best forms of letting the employer know about your decision to back out from the job offer that you have already accepted. This works especially for those who don’t have the guts to personally talk to the hiring officer of the company. In your letter, explain how regretful you are about your decision and be as honest as possible in explaining your reasons for doing so. It is best to apologize for whatever inconveniences it might cause to the company or organization.

In case you back out from the job offer because you learn something bad about the company after accepting the job, don’t be rude in your letter. Just plainly state your decision why you’re turning it down. You never have to lie but you don’t always have to state the actual reason. Don’t forget to also express how thankful you are for the opportunity they gave you.

You can personally deliver the letter to the hiring officer or simply mail it to them. Usually, the first one is the best thing to do but if you don’t want to bother showing your face in their office, you can do the later to avoid putting yourself in an awkward or uncomfortable situation.

Phone Call

Some people may find it comfortable to talk to the person involved over the telephone. Just the same, being polite and grateful is the name of the game. Make the phone call friendly and short. You don’t have to elaborate so much about your decision. Just handle the call in a professional way. Apologize, state your reason and be thankful.

In Person

If you could arrange a meeting with the hiring manager, much better. You can set an appointment to personally talk with him at his office and inform him about your decision. Still observe proper manners in explaining why you are arriving at such a decision. Once again, be polite, friendly and grateful. It is also better if you have already prepared and brought with you a letter of apology. It will eliminate the need for further explanation since everything is written in the letter.

There is a very important thing to remember in how to turn down a job offer after acceptance. You have to do it as soon as you have made up your mind. Inform them immediately about your decision for them to have time looking for someone to replace the position that is supposed to be yours. Never assume that if you didn’t show up for a couple of days, they will just replace you. You may never know what the future holds. Who knows when you might bump into that hiring manager again at a time when you are looking for another job and he’s the one in charge. For sure, your application will end up in a trash bin especially if he remember you being so unprofessional. So, it’s important to leave the door open for future opportunities.