10 Good Reasons to Quit Your Job

10 Good Reasons to Quit Your Job
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Examples of 10 Good Reasons to Quit Your Job

While people choose to leave their jobs for many reasons, here are 10 examples of common factors that lead to making this significant decision.

1. Accepting a Better JobFinding a better job is one of the most popular reasons that people leave one job and go to another.Of course, “better” means different things to different people. A better job could be one that is in your chosen profession, offers higher pay, is closer to home, has a more positive work environment, or has many other characteristics.

2. Disliking Your Job – If you don’t like your job, that is certainly a good reason to consider quitting. However, depending on your financial situation, it may be best to secure another job before quitting the one that you have.

3. Not Finding Work Fulfilling – Maybe you don’t dislike your job, but you just don’t find your work fulfilling. This can be a good reason to quit your job; however, it’s still advisable to find a new position before leaving for this reason.

4. Need for Additional Hours – If you have been working part time but need to earn a full time paycheck, you may need to leave the job you currently have in order to do this. If you like the job you have, it may be worth discussing the possibility of transitioning to full time status with your employer. If that’s not possible, you’ll need to find a different job with full time hours.

5. Going Back to School – Many people quit their jobs in order to go back to school full-time, either to work on an undergraduate or graduate-level degree.

6. Health Limitations – Developing health limitations that make it difficult or impossible for you to continue performing the essential functions of your job, even with reasonable accommodations, can be a good reason to leave your job and seek a position that you can perform or pursue disability benefits if you are unable to work at all.

7. Lack of Benefits – If the job that you have does not provide you with sufficient employee benefits, such as health insurance, disability coverage, paid time off, etc., then it may be time to quit once you find an employment opportunity that better meets your needs.

8. Relocating with Family – Relocating with your spouse, parents, or other family member who has accepted a position in a different geographic area is a good reason to quit your job, assuming that it is tied to a particular location.

9. High Childcare Costs – If you have small children, you may find that most of your salary is actually going to cover childcare expenses. Look closely at the amount of money you have left after paying income tax, child care, and work-related expenses like commuting and purchasing business attire to determine if it really makes financial sense for you to continue working in your current job.

10. Starting Your Own Business – Are you planning to go into business for yourself? If it’s time to you to transition from being an employee to becoming a full-time entrepreneur, then leaving your current position is something that you’ll need to do. Be sure that you’re financially prepared before taking this step.

Making a Decision

These are just of the many good reasons that a person may have for quitting a job. Everyone’s circumstances are different, and you have to make the choice that’s right for you. The last thing you want to do is decide to leave your job and realize that you’ve made a mistake. Weigh your options carefully so that you can be certain that the decision you are making is in your best interest.

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