Teachers: Seek New Employment or Stay in Current Teaching Position? When You Should Look for a New Teaching Job

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With another school year coming to an end, there is the same decision and possibly many opportunities staring teachers in the face. Do I stay or do I go? As the school year comes to a close, many teachers are faced with opportunities that would allow them to grow professionally as well as individually.

Many teachers feel as if they have established “roots” at one school or in one school district and do not feel compelled to leave their students, their peers, or their administrators. As many teachers do not like change, they turn down fabulous opportunities while other teachers will pursue such opportunities. However, with any career move, there are a variety of factors involved including: age, years of service, family situation, etc.

Do I Stay or Do I Go?

There are a few reasons that teachers should pursue opportunities including:

1. More money. Teaching is teaching, and students are students. If you have a teaching opportunity that involves more money, I would suggest that you take advantage of the incentive while you have the opportunity.

2. Proximity. One reason teachers leave their current school is to work closer to their home and to where they live. This makes sense as many people do not desire a long commute to work; others find such commutes relaxng.

3. Course load/teaching load. Some teachers take new positions because they have the opportunity to teach students who are academically gifted or accelerated. Other teachers find if they go to a new school they may get to teach seniors instead of sophomores.

4. Administration. Some teachers are unhappy with the current administration–maybe teachers feel the current administration is inconsistent dealing with disruptive students, for example. Teachers sometimes look to another school to find what they hope will prove to be “more experienced” or “more competent” administrators.

5. Hours. If you are an early bird, you may be happier working at a school that starts early. If you like to sleep late, you may wish to work at a school that starts later.

6. Promotion. Some teachers are looking for a promotion and feel their chances may be better if they transfer to another school.

7. Facilities. If a new school is opening, some teachers transfer to a new school or a more modern facility. Schools that are more modern tend to have more educational technology.

8. Change. Some teachers are job hoppers and just feel the need to move around within schools in and out of a particular school district.

9. Benefits. Some school districts offer better benefits than other school districts. Shop them all and find the one that offers the best benefits.

10.Opportunity for self-growth. Teachers may have the opportunity to work under a legendary English or math teacher and may be able to gain knowledge from “experienced,” not elderly, individuals.