Mechanical Engineering Careers: Master Of Business Administration or MBA

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After completing their degree in Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering graduates have the option to enter into wide variety of fields. One of the most popular options chosen by the students after graduation in Mechanical Engineering is pursuing a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree. MBA programs are available in variety of formats like full time, part time and distance learning.

In the MBA program you learn about all the administration related functions within the organization. In the full time two year course the students are trained intensively to take care of the organization and grow it. Though the name of the course is “administration” the main aim of the course is to train prospective managers in effective management of the organization.

There are different fields of specialization in an MBA study. If you have passion for selling you can opt for marketing. If you love developing the manpower, you can specialize in Human Resource Development (HRD). Another excellent option is finance. These days, the institutes organizing MBA courses are launching even new specializations like insurance and banking.

Though the actual course is two years, most of the studies are done during the first year itself. In the second year you have to complete a project, and some a thesis. In vacation after the first year, many business schools make training in the industry compulsory. In fact, during the second year of your studies you can even work a part time job to take care of your day-to-day expenses.

Students doing MBA after Mechanical Engineering have found highly lucrative offers immediately after completing their studies. Of course, for this it is very important that you choose a good business school for your studies. As such, you will find number of business schools flourishing in the market, but there are very few that are highly reputed ones.

Those who are involved in their jobs, but are passionate about doing MBA, can do so by part time, executive or distance learning program. The part time program is usually three years with evening lectures in the weekend. If you don’t want to pursue full fledged MBA program in your part time course, you can opt for programs that include only the subjects of your choice like finance, HRD, or marketing. Such programs are shorter in duration. The executive programs are the special programs for the experienced professionals.

These days distance learning or online programs are also available from a number of business schools. If you opt for the distance learning course, you will be getting only the study material. On the other hand, if you join an online program, you can attend online lecture sessions provided on the websites of the business school. You can attend such programs from any part of the world and at any time. But let me remind you that distance learning and online programs have not yet gained the universal approval by all the industries as gained by full time programs. Also, you need lots of motivation to complete these courses.

If you want to do MBA after your Mechanical Engineering, you have many more options to do it than what was available a few years back. But be careful that you don’t get involved with the wrong institute and a fruitless business program.