A Guide to Changing Careers

A Guide to Changing Careers
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The days of a ‘job for life’ are long gone. We now expect to move from job to job, and probably to move between careers as well, during our working lives. The recession has increased this tendency since sadly, compulsory redundancy has become common. The fluidity of careers these days can be unsettling, and contemplating a whole new career is daunting indeed, even if the move has resulted from your own decision.

This guide aims to help you to look objectively at the process of career change, and to make reasoned decisions in order to formulate a plan of action.

You will find help with the basic questions you should be asking about the change you are planning, and ways to approach your decision; after that, the focus is on actual careers, with some potential choices as examples; and there are articles dealing with the practicalities of re-training and tips for the job-hunt.

If you are in need of information and clarity, whatever stage in the process you are at, I hope you will find something helpful here.

I mean to add to the articles listed as I turn up further useful knowledge and advice. Good luck!

Tips for a Successful Career Change

A concise, but thorough, overview of the questions you need to ask yourself when thinking about a change of career. You will need to get out a paper and pen and do some thinking about yourself, your experience, your priorities and your dreams.

This article helps you to do just that and come up with some answers about the direction you should be heading in.

Goal Setting Tips

Following on from that, you may want to take a look at this practical guide to setting your goals, which provides a downloadable tool to help with the process.

Discover your New Job Here

Find out the essentials about a wide range of careers in this amazingly succinct yet comprehensive review. You will learn what entry qualifications you need, and the average salary in the field with other vital data. This will get you started thinking about specifics in relation to your new career.

What careers are out there? It will be surprising if you don’t find some inspiration here.

Change to a Career in Nursing?

It is worth taking a special look at the prospects in the world of nursing. There will always be a demand for nurses, and there is a massive amount of variety within the profession, as well as fabulous potential for job satisfaction and financial security. Have a look here for a rundown on the possibilities

Life after Teaching

Another look at a specific career, this time because teaching is an exhausting job which offers early retirement. You can read here about some jobs which employ some of the enthusiasms and skills of an ex-teacher, while still providing a change from the demands of the chalk-face.

A teacher looking for a new career has amazing transferable skills, which it would be a shame to waste. People moving from other roles will find inspiration and useful information here too.

Quit in Style

Don’t slink out snarling with your tail between your legs! Go gracefully, leaving your ex-colleagues regretting your departure. It is in your interests to maintain good relations right to the end, as friendly contacts and references do not grow on trees.

Read this article for some detailed guidelines on a smooth departure.

Don’t Throw Away your Pension when you Go

When you leave your job you need to look carefully at your options in relation to your 401k pension plan. Retirement may seem far away and an unwelcome and annoying subject to think about. But, the choices you make now can have a big impact later. Find valuable guidance here.

Top 10 Masters Degrees

If you can raise the finance needed you may want to think about a Masters as a way into your new career. Not all Masters are equal though. Find help here to figure out which ones are likely to help you in your future career.

Re-training Online

A much cheaper option is training online. This has many advantages, being cheaper and allowing you to continue working or job-seeking while you study. But there are pitfalls. Find guidance here.

Job-search Websites

The most popular way of finding a job today is online: read an objective critique of the competing websites here.

Tips for a Career Changing Resume

You need a good resume to facilitate your career change. But there are ways of setting out your history and skills which are particularly appropriate for a career move as opposed to a straight progression within the same career. Read all about it: this could be the difference between getting shortlisted and having your application binned.

Top 10 Interview Strategies

And, finally you have your interview lined up and you could soon be starting your new career. Don’t blow it now! Here are some useful interview techniques which will pay dividends. But practice really does make perfect and the more you practice these techniques, the more effective you will be, until finally you land the job.