How to Use Feng Shui For Success in Your Career

How to Use Feng Shui For Success in Your Career
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Introduce Water and Plants

Water is known in Feng Shui to be a bringer of great fortune, so it makes sense to include water when using Feng Shui for success in your career. However, overflowing water can be seen as dangerous. For this reason, keep a small water feature in the North corner of your office. The reasoning for this is because the North corner is associated with career success in Feng Shui. Moving water, such a small fountain, is ideal as the movement of the water symbolizes the movement of positive energy. Be sure to keep the water fresh and clean for the same reason. The water feature should have the water running towards you, so that the chi is moving towards you.

The turtle is known as the guardian of the North corner and will bring good fortune. If possible, keep a single turtle in the North corner, or career success corner, of your office. You could also use a figurine or picture of a turtle.

Plants can give chi a boost and should be added in the Wealth are of your office. The Wealth corner is the Southeast corner. A live plant is preferred, such as a small, green plant, or a tree. If you are not able to have a live plant, you can use a silk plant.

Lighting and Desk Placement

Light helps to energize you, but many offices have iridescent lighting which can be overwhelming and hard on your eyes. If possible, you can replace the lights with full-spectrum lamps. If you are unable to replace the lights, try adding table lamps or desk lights. Placing lights in the South corner of your office will help your reputation. If you live in an area where a bright and hot sun is common, you should add blinds to any windows in the office. Excess of sunlight creates too much fire energy, which disrupts the balance of energy in your office. Bright sunlight can also be distracting and can decrease your productivity.

Your desk should be placed in a power position. This means that you should be able to see your door or workplace entrance from your desk. If you cannot see it, you are opening yourself up to deception. If you are not able to place your desk so you can view the entrance, position a mirror that you can use to see the door when sitting at your desk. Your back should be placed to a wall so that you are supported with energy from behind. Do not place your back to a window, as this will mean that you will lack support in your career.

If possible, you should get a desk that is made to Feng Shui dimensions. These dimensions are 60 inches length by 35 inches wide, with a height of 33 inches. The chair that you use is also important in achieving strong Feng Shui. Your chair should have a tall back, as this symbolizes strong support. A height of 43 inches is said to improve your prosperity. Chairs without armrests have the dragon and tiger missing which is bad Feng Shui, so your chair should also have armrests.

Workplace Organization

The organization of your workstation is important in Feng Shui. Your desk should be tidied and organized; if you have a cluttered workstation this will disrupt positive energy and also make it difficult to remain focused. If you require devices with metal in them at your workspace, you will need to be careful as these can also disrupt positive energy. It would be ideal to place these devices on a separate table that is located to the West or Northwest of your desk. If you need to place the items on your desk, make sure to set them up on the right side of your desk. You should have higher items on the left side of your desk in order to increase the energies of the dragon. Dragon energy is known as the most powerful energy in Fung Shui.

A major part of Feng Shui for success in your career is knowing what you want. Think about what you want to achieve in your career and where you hope to end up. What about this job inspires you? What motivates you? You can apply to these things to your office space by creating an inspiration board. An inspiration board is a bulletin board or another space that is covered with photos and words that will motivate you and encourage you to work hard. For example, if your goal is to gain wealth to provide for your children, you may wish to include photographs of your children on your inspiration board. This board should be personal and may change and you progress and your goals change.

Don’t overlook the small stuff either, even designing a Feng Shui business card can help to bring you more career success.


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